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Wiley Griffin Talks Teddy Midnight, Multibeast Phish Tribute, And Influences

first_imgWe sat down with Teddy Midnight guitarist Wiley Griffin to discuss what is up next for the group in 2017, along with his new Phish tribute Multibeast. The new group features Griffin with Kung Fu bassist Chris DeAngelis, Consider the Source drummer Jeff Mann, and Uncle Ebenezer keyboardist Shoheen Owhady. The group plays NYC’s American Beauty this Thursday, March 2nd (with support from Grateful Dead tribute Reckoning – tix here), followed by a performance at Woodstock, NY’s Bearsville Theater on Saturday, March 4th (SkyDaddy will support that night – tix here). We also had a chance to discuss how Phish and other jam scene artists have influenced his own musical stylings.Read on for this exclusive interview, below.L4LM: You officially joined Teddy Midnight in late 2015, and released a great full-length album in Blue Velvet this past September. Are you feeling completely locked in with the group at this point?Wiley Griffin: Totally, The band in a short time has accomplished a good bit. The album Velvet Blue (came out in September 2016), joining Omni Arts Booking Agency playing a ton of NE shows- it’s been a solid year plus. We all put in a lot effort into that project. And we’re pushing even harder leading into festival season.L4LM: What’s in store with Teddy Midnight in 2017? New music? Festival dates (saw that Resonance lineup with Amon Tobin and STS9!)?WG: The Resonance announcement is pretty huge for us. We are at Brooklyn Bowl in April opening for Pink Talking Fish doing a Jamtronic Juke Box (segueing tunes from the top live electronic in our scene).And we have something pretty big next month. We are 98% finished so it’s okay to tell y’all… We are dropping the first ‘tape’ in our mixtape series called Tedward Midi Vol 1. Coming out very soon, date tbaTBA Other than that be on the look out for some more new music and fun festival announcements!L4LM: You guys have some upcoming shows with The Magic Beans in April. That’s a great combination of bands, and should make for a couple of amazing shows.WG: Oh man, I’m really excited to the road with those guys! Seeing them at the Phish After-Parties was really great. They are amazing musicians, and super nice people! There will def be sit-ins and epic jams on this run!L4LM: You are currently doing a mini-run with a great core of musicians, taking on the music of Phish. Tell us a little about Multibeast, how you got the name, and what to expect…WG: I think I speak for all the members when I say this is one of the funnest side gigs we’ve done. These guys are great musicians and we are all stoked on the concept of playing full Phish sets. Multibeast is a reference in the lyrics to “Tela,” which is part of Trey’s college thesis The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday (aka Gamehendge):And she comes to me in this lonely land And looks down from the multi-beast On which she rides like the wind The wind from beyond the mountain The wind from beyond the mountainPhans can expect a lot of what they love about Phish, the vibe, the deep improv, diversity in the set list, high energy and of course the songs they love!L4LM: How did the idea for Multibeast come about? Who is in the band?WG: Jeff Mann (Consider the Source) reached out to me to do a Phish night for his Tuesday night residency shows at the Pacific Standard Tavern in New Haven CT. I was happy to oblige, and so was Chris DeAngelis (Kung Fu).From there we reached out to the keyboardists of the popular Phish tribute acts of Uncle Ebenezer and The Lawn Boys to see if they could help us out. They were both happy to help, and we added a couple shows because we had some down time from touring.We all bring own expertise to the table and our love for Phish. Chris and Jeff are absolute beast musicians, so tackling some of the tricky stuff was painless. David [Kaufman] and Shoheen [Owhady] are both amazing keyboard player’s that have in-depth knowledge of Phish’s music.For me, it seems like I’m always engaged in learning something from the Phish catalogue on some level, just for my own pleasure. Going into this it was great to have tunes like “YEM” under fingers for a while now, but it’s now even better to be able to get on stage and play “YEM” with a full band.L4LM: What do you think a Multibeast looks like?WG: Probably like Falkor (the luck dragon from 80’s movie The Neverending Story), but smaller like the animals the rebel army rides in Star Wars,except they walk on all fours and have the mass of a hippo.L4LM: Which Phish performances are your personal favorites?WG: I’m huge 1.0 phan. In the past month I’ve been constantly watching videos and listening to shows from 90-99 era in prep for these shows.6.23.95 Waterloo, NJ my mom took a crew of middle schoolers to and epic Phish show. John Popper sat-in during the “Harpua” segment. 8.14.96, I went to this show with my dad and my best friend; It was just one of those experiences that you’ll never forget. Plus, there is some really epic jams that night, they also played “Mango Song”… just to name a few.L4LM: How has Phish, the jam scene and other jam artists influenced your own musical stylings?WG: For a while it was just Jerry, Trey, & Jimi. Then shortly after I started studying Jazz and going to music camps etc. I found about Soulive, STS9, Lotus, Particle, the Biscuits, Umphrey’s, Keller… the list goes on.They’ve all been influential in so many ways that it feels like it almost goes beyond the music. This music has been the soundtrack to my life. In creating my own music, I keep that in mind. I feel a responsibility to make something that connects with people. Something that makes you feel.L4LM: What other genres/artists do you listen to, or have inspired you?WG: I’ve been getting into the blues lately. T-Bone Walker and Albert Collins are two recent finds that I’ve just fallen in love with.L4LM: One of the most exciting parts of seeing Teddy Midnight live is picking out all the subtle Phish teases you throw into your jams, such as “Bathtub Gin,” “Tweezer,” and “It’s Ice.” It’s clear you’re no novice when it comes to knowing and appreciating their music. Tell us about your personal relationship to Phish as a fan? How were you introduced to them? How long have you been listening to Phish?WG: Phish has been a big part of my life. My brother and his friends were really into them in high school. They went to a lot of shows from 93-96. I was in elementary school and I remember being ‘baby sat’ by him and his friends. We’d listen to the Phish albums like Lawn Boy and Rift. I used to sneak into his room and read Doniac Schives (the Phish newsletter) and take his tapes.By middle school I was playing guitar, trading tapes, and booking shows for my band the Wiley Griffin Tree-O at the local coffee shop (“Wilson” and “Suzy Greenberg” were played a lot).L4LM: In what ways has Trey’s guitar playing influenced your own? Are there any specific examples of your work that were directly inspired by Phish?WG: If you listen to the second guitar solo on the Teddy Midnight Velvet Blue track “Velvet Mist” (6:00min mark), I would say that was a Trey inspired solo. The way he can create melody on the spot, while leaving space to building up to an inevitable peak is something I really enjoy.But I think more than that, Trey is just a great influence as composer and musical innovator. When Junta came out Phish’s style was very different from anything people heard. That’s something that also inspires me, pushing the envelope and finding new ways of doing things.L4LM: Are you hitting any of Phish’s Baker’s Dozen run at MSG this summer?WG: YES!!! Who’s got my 13 night miracle? (waves finger in the air)L4LM: Great chatting with you, Wiley. We appreciate your time. Good luck with the Multibeast shows this week in New York City and up in Woodstock!Multibeast plays NYC’s American Beauty this Thursday, March 2nd (with support from Grateful Dead tribute Reckoning – tix here), followed by a performance at Woodstock, NY’s Bearsville Theater on Saturday, March 4th (SkyDaddy will support that night – tix here). [cover photo courtesy of Sobokeh Photography]last_img read more

Vermont Electric Cooperative mourns the death of Director Bertrand Lague

first_imgVermont Electric Cooperative, Inc,Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) has lost a great friend and leader. Bertrand Lague, who died on July 27, joined VEC’s board of directors in 1983, most recently serving as treasurer and chairperson of the finance committee. Elected by VEC members, Lague played an integral role in setting policy and building a financially sound organization. ‘We are deeply saddened by the sudden death of Bert Lague,’ said Dave Hallquist, CEO of VEC. ‘Bert’s long-time leadership at VEC has left a mark that will not be forgotten. On behalf of all of our employees and the board of directors, I extend our deepest sympathy to his entire family.’  ‘With nearly 30 years of service on VEC’s board of directors, Bert provided the leadership excellence on fiscal matters that is necessary to move forward in today’s increasingly complex electric utility environment,’ reflected Tom Bailey, President of VEC’s board of directors. ‘Bert’s dedication, intelligence and compassion for others will be sorely missed.’  VEC, 7.29.2011last_img read more

Hill to forgo senior year; NFL awaits

first_imgRunning back P.J. Hill, who rushed for 140 yards against Florida State, won\’t return to Wisconsin for his senior year.[/media-credit]In one day, the University of Wisconsin football team lost 3,942 rushing yards, 42 rushing touchdowns and one of the most recognizable Badgers in recent memory.Despite having one more year of eligibility, running back P.J. Hill opted to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft, though it was not without much discussion with the coaching staff.“When I got to talk to P.J., he just felt that this was his time,” UW head coach Bret Bielema said. “He’s done a lot here at the University of Wisconsin, but he’s always dreamed of playing in the NFL, and he wanted that shot now.”Ending his tenure at UW in fitting fashion, Hill culminated his Wisconsin career with a big game against Florida State, rushing for 140 yards in his final game.In the following weeks, Hill met with Bielema to discuss his future in the NFL and his projected draft status. While the Badgers would have surely welcomed their top back for his senior year, Hill decided to go straight to the NFL.“I was trying to give him all the information we had,” Bielema said. “Not only did I talk to the same committee he did, but I reached out to other people in the NFL that I’ve become close with.“I talked to scouts, coaches and GMs that I know,” he continued. “In PJ’s case, I received a variety of different answers and angles to help him make his decision.”Looking forward, the Badgers will have to make up for the loss of PJ but will still have tight end Garret Graham, who will be returning for his senior year. Graham was Wisconsin’s leading receiver last year, but a few injuries and a chance at major improvement led to his decision to remain at UW for another year.“The bottom line is that he’s a player with a lot in front in him,” Bielema said. “I think that another year in our program will make him play at a higher level which will allow him to be a higher draft prospect a year from now.In terms of the remaining members of the Wisconsin backfield, Bielema still has redshirt freshman John Clay, who was a more than serviceable backup, rushing for 884 and averaging 5.7 yards per carry.Last year, Jack Ikegwuonu’s departure left the Badgers with a serious hole in the secondary. This year, despite Hill’s exit, the running back situation will be in good shape, especially with Clay and Zach Brown moving up on the depth chart. Bielema also believes players are only as good as they want to be, and if Hill were forced to stay, he wouldn’t be as effective as he could be.“I think that anyone who’s doing something that they don’t want to do can be not only detrimental to themselves, but to the team as well. … P.J. just thought it was his time to go,” Bielema said.With redshirt Clay unable to produce against the Seminoles, Hill’s performance in the Champs Sports Bowl may have been a precursor for what lies next for Badger football. Regardless, Bielema is not worried about his other running backs’ production next season.“I think that’s a concern any time you have a great player leave your program,” Bielema said. “When P.J. came up his freshman year, nobody knew who he was, nobody knew anything about him, and he went on to have some very productive numbers. … Whoever the next guy is, whether it’s John or Zach or Bradie (Ewing), whoever it is will be able to come up with those same kind of numbers.”last_img read more

Syracuse crushes Iowa State, 85-65, in NCAA Tournament opener

first_imgSTORRS, Conn. — Alexis Peterson and Brittney Sykes have lifted Syracuse all season. The two leading scorers in the Atlantic Coast Conference have been co-alphas in the Orange attack, and the two main pieces opposing coaches focus on.The triangle-and-two defense that Iowa State runs is designed to put an extra defender on the opposing team’s two best players. The SU guards had fewer driving lanes, but there was space open on the wings. So they fed Gabby Cooper.She made the first shot for SU, a 3-pointer from the corner. Three possessions later, she made another one. And then another one two possessions after that.“The shots that Cooper was getting early, that was part of the plan,” Iowa State head coach Bill Fennelly said.“The plan was not to go 2-for-18 in the first quarter.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textHead coach Quentin Hillsman set a clear goal from the beginning of the season. He wanted his team to prove that last year’s run to the national championship game was no fluke. Eighth-seeded Syracuse (22-10, 11-5 Atlantic Coast) took the first step in doing that, using a massive first quarter to set the tone in an 85-65 drubbing over ninth-seeded Iowa State (18-13, 9-9 Big 12) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. SU will play top-seeded and undefeated Connecticut on Monday in a rematch of last year’s national championship.The first quarter ended with SU up 25 on the Cyclones. While the scoreboard was close the rest of the way, the damage had already been done.“We weren’t knocked out,” Fennelly said about the team’s outlook after first quarter, “but we were wobbling pretty bad.”Cooper’s hot 3-point shooting forced the Iowa State defense to adjust and start covering her. That meant new scoring opportunities for Sykes.She began by hitting a 3-pointer from the wing. The next possession she drove right, crossed over left and pulled up for a flailing jumper, drawing a foul for an and-1.All the while, Iowa State struggled to break the Orange pressure. On some possessions, 20 seconds were used trying to get the ball past midcourt before running a weave at the top of the key to search for a crack in the defense.The Cyclones averaged just 12 turnovers per game, one of the best marks in the country. They committed that many in the first half alone.“Our defense feeds our offense,” Sykes said. “Our defense is ultimately going to carry us through this Tournament.”ISU’s adjustments were enough to win the second quarter by four, limiting the Orange to just 12 points. Ten of those came from Sykes, and SU still entered halftime with a 21-point advantage.In the third quarter, ISU managed to cut its deficit as low as 17 on five different occasions. Each time was met with a counterstrike from either Peterson (25 points), Cooper (24) or Sykes (28), who combined to score nearly all of the Orange’s points.It came as a surprise when Syracuse was selected as a No. 8 seed to begin with, something Fennelly alluded to. The team that had been ranked inside the Top 25 for much of the season showed why that spot seemed low on Saturday.Now, the Orange gets a national championship game rematch against UConn, winners of 108 straight games. Syracuse will be a major underdog, but it’s not a position the team seems to mind.Just like it always has — at the start of the season and even when it was up 22 late in the fourth against ISU — the Orange will pressure the ball and shoot 3s. It’s the formula that’s fueled it up to this point and that isn’t going to change.“We always talk about … the lifetime of the opportunity,” Hillsman said. “And the lifetime of the opportunity is 40 minutes. So there’s no sense for you to go out there now and start pulling the reigns back.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on March 18, 2017 at 5:21 pm Contact Tomer: [email protected] | @tomer_langerlast_img read more

TRANSFERS: Chelsea want Adebayor but do they need him?

first_imgThe Daily Express claims Jose Mourinho wants Emmanuel Adebayor to replace Didier Drogba at Stamford Bridge this summer.Adebayor still has another year to run on his contract, and Chelsea would be willing to cover his £100,000-a-week wages to take him on loan from Spurs.OPINION: It sounds weird, but this actually makes a lot of sense.Mourinho wants an experienced third-choice striker behind Diego Costa and Loic Remy, and Chelsea are just about the only side willing and able to pay Adebayor’s wages.The striker has worked with Mourinho before, and as an additional squad option he appears a low-risk, high-upside signing. We don’t always put much faith in Daily Express rumours but this one sounds like it just might work. UNITED TO DITCH JONES AND SMALLING: With that in mind, the Daily Mail reckons Phil Jones and Chris Smalling could be on their way our as Manchester United have yet to open contract talks with them.The pair will be free agents at the end of next season.The Mail says United are “relaxed about the situation but will be reluctant to lose the pair for nothing”. It adds Athletic Bilbao’s Aymeric Laporte to the pile of defenders United have been linked with.PAPER ROUND’S VIEW:Despite a recent upturn in form, both players have largely disappointed at Old Trafford – particularly Jones, whom Sir Alex Ferguson was touted as potentially the greatest player in the club’s history.While Van Gaal will not want to lose England internationals, he must doubt whether either player has the class to shine at the highest level – and letting the pair stew over their contracts could be his way of telling them so. JUVENTUS PLAN £15M SWOOP FOR DZEKO Edin Dzeko could be on his way out of Manchester City, with Juventus prepared to drop £15m on the striker.The Daily Mirror reports that Dzeko, who signed a new four-year contract earlier this season, is Juve’s number one target and could be persuaded to leave by the promise of guaranteed first-team football.OPINION: This will surely depend on whether coach Manuel Pellegrini stays. If he goes, the new man may see a £15m return for a 29-year-old as decent business, particularly given City’s struggles to meet Financial Fair Play regulations. Don’t buy into this until we know what’s happening with the manager.–last_img read more