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first_img219075-FA Salary: Your application must be received through the Jobs at UW portal(https://jobs.wisc.edu) to be considered as a candidate. To applyfor this position, please click on the “” button. You will be askedto submit a CV, personal statement/cover letter, and list of threereferences.The deadline for assuring full consideration is November 29, 2020,however positions will remain open and applications may beconsidered until the position is filled. Substantial background and experience in administrative leadership,research, and teaching, including training programs for the fullcontinuum of medical physics learners, and a strong academicbackground that would qualify for appointment as a tenuredprofessor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Principal Duties: Job Number: Dr. Benjamin [email protected] Access (WTRS): 7-1-1 (out-of-state: TTY: 800.947.3529, STS:800.833.7637) and above Phone number (See RELAY_SERVICE for furtherinformation. ) PROFESSOR(C20NN) or ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR(C30NN) Full Time: 100% Minimum Years and Type of Relevant Work Experience: Official Title: Diversity is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation forUW-Madison. We value the contributions of each person and respectthe profound ways their identity, culture, background, experience,status, abilities, and opinion enrich the university community. Wecommit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in teaching,research, outreach, and diversity as inextricably linkedgoals.The University of Wisconsin-Madison fulfills its public mission bycreating a welcoming and inclusive community for people from everybackground – people who as students, faculty, and staff serveWisconsin and the world.For more information on diversity and inclusion on campus, pleasevisit: Diversity andInclusion Ongoing/Renewable The Chair will participate in leadership and service activities tothe School, the University, the community, and theprofession.The successful candidate will have a compelling vision for thefuture of Medical Physics in a leading research-intensive publicacademic institution. A534800-MEDICAL SCHOOL/MED PHYSICS/MED PHYSIC Not required. Ph.D. or equivalent degree (s). SEPTEMBER 01, 2021 Work Type:center_img Institutional Statement on Diversity: The University of Wisconsin-Madison is engaged in a Title and TotalCompensation (TTC) Project to redesign job titles and compensationstructures. As a result of the TTC project, official job titles oncurrent job postings may change in Fall 2020. Job duties andresponsibilities will remain the same. For more information pleasevisit: https://hr.wisc.edu/title-and-total-compensation-study/.Employment will require a criminal background check. It will alsorequire you and your references to answer questions regardingsexual violence and sexual harassment.The University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identitiesof applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except thatthe identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Wis.Stat. sec. 19.36(7).The Annual Security and FireSafety Report contains current campus safety and disciplinarypolicies, crime statistics for the previous 3 calendar years, andon-campus student housing fire safety policies and fire statisticsfor the previous 3 calendar years. UW-Madison will provide a papercopy upon request; please contact the University of Wisconsin PoliceDepartment . Degree and Area of Specialization: Employment Class: Position Summary: We seek a recognized leader with proven leadership and managementskills as well as an outstanding academic background. The Chairwill provide strategic and administrative leadership of the highestquality to this distinguished department in its research, teaching,and service missions.The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profoundcommitment to diversity both as an end in itself but also as avaluable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, westrongly encourage applications from candidates who foster andpromote the values of diversity and inclusion. Anticipated Begin Date: Instructions to Applicants: Department(s): License or Certificate: Contact: Faculty NegotiableANNUAL (12 months) Job no: 219075-FAWork type: Faculty-Full TimeDepartment: SMPH/MED PHYSICS/MED PHYSICLocation: MadisonCategories: Dean, Director, Executive, Health Care, Medical,Social Services, Instructional, Management/Supervisory The University of Wisconsin is an Equal Opportunity andAffirmative Action Employer. We promote excellence throughdiversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.If you need to request an accommodation because of a disability,you can find information about how to make a request at thefollowing website: https://employeedisabilities.wisc.edu/disability-accommodation-information-for-applicants/ Appointment Type, Duration: Applications Open: Sep 30 2020 Central Daylight TimeApplications Close:last_img read more

Student assault victim shares experience

first_imgThe Justice Education Department at Saint Mary’s began its “Week Against Violence” on Tuesday night in the Student Center with the discussion “Beyond the Violence,” led by Saint Mary’s junior Jessica Richmond, who discussed her personal account of violence.“Authenticity requires vulnerability, courage and integrity,” Richmond said, adding that she lives by these words.Richmond shared her story of physical and sexual assault to offer perspective and advice to her peers as fellow victims and friends of victims.Allison D’Ambrosia “People see vulnerability as being weak,” she said “But I build my life around viewing vulnerability as a strength ⎯ being open to having conversations like these, airing my dirty laundry, as I like to say.”Although Richmond openly shared her personal encounter with violence, she said she was once much more reluctant to speak about the horrific experience.“There are very few people in my life that knew what happened and to the great detail of what happened,” she said.Richmond, who shared her story with her father this past weekend, said her parents’ reactions to the events were why she did not want to tell them in the first place. Richmond said that upon hearing of her attack, her mother misdirected her frustration toward her daughter. She said her mother’s strong reaction made her more cautious about delving into details.“I almost felt as if there was resentment towards me for not telling her sooner,” Richmond said. “My mom immediately jumped to ‘What did he do to you?’ and being a victim, I recommend you never do that to someone because that instantly put me on the defensive. I didn’t want to tell her.”Richmond said many people, including her mother, have asked her why she did not report her attack.“I’m not trying to play into being young because I think there are many younger women that are stronger than I was [who are also] assaulted, but I was so scared,” she said. “I was so alone. I had no idea [of] the resources out there. I had no idea what to do. I was scared of him.”This fear lies in the systemic sexism of the United States’ judicial system, Richmond said.“Men have a power and an authority in society, and there’s a lot that goes into that,” Richmond said. “But he scared me to death. Even after knowing he no longer worked with me, he didn’t live near me, he terrified me.”Richmond said her decision to keep the attack private was an act of self-preservation.“It was the thought of going to the police and saying I wanted to press charges when there was no evidence and when no one knew about what had happened,” Richmond said. “I didn’t want to air my dirty laundry for the whole world to have him get a slap on the wrist.“I didn’t want to have to tell my story a thousand times only to be told ‘Well, there’s nothing we can do.’”Richmond said she also feared it would become a “he said, she said” situation, or she would be condemned for not explicitly saying “no.”“Life went on,” she said. “I didn’t report it. That is the one thing I come back to most often. Maybe I should have. Maybe if I called him to justice, it could have gone in my favor. I find myself still sort of switching a little bit, but I don’t regret not reporting.”Richmond said her decision not to report might not be the best choice for all other victims of violence. Each person should make an individual choice.“Do I think [other victims] should?” Richmond said. “Yes, because there’s a great chance [they] can get something out of it, but I think for my health I couldn’t. This is not ‘Law and Order.’ Due process doesn’t happen in 45 minutes.”Richmond said she attributes much of her growth since the attack to her boyfriend of three-and-a-half years.“He’s my support system,” she said. “It’s kind of strange because he’s a man, he’s six-foot-seven and almost three hundred pounds. He is my version of empowerment.”Richmond said her boyfriend and his sensitivity played key roles in her ability to heal.“I found that when we first started dating I had all sorts of triggers,” she said. “ A certain smell would throw me into a hysterical crying fit, a certain way of being touched, a certain playful comment. Sometimes it wasn’t the words that were being said; it was just the tone it was said in.“I can’t have my neck touched. That is like my one thing that will put me in a fetal position crying.”As a victim of violence, Richmond said it is amazing to have someone there to say, “Okay, that’s completely fine. I respect you for that.”“Once I got to that point, I became offended when people used tamer words because it’s oppressive,” she said. “Don’t be afraid of using the terms. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘She was raped.’”Richmond said that in spite of having a solid and healthy relationship with her boyfriend now, if she could go back in time she would tell her high school self that she did not need a man.“We’re women at such an amazing school with such an empowering philosophy that we can do anything,” she said. “I don’t want someone to stand in front of me.“That’s what’s great about [my] relationship now. [My boyfriend] stands behind me pushing me forward.”Adrienne Lyles-Chockley, head of the Justice Education Department, ended the discussion by offering Richmond affirmations on behalf of the audience.“This is such a gift and a refreshingly honest dialogue, so I want to affirm this and affirm you,” Lyles-Chockley said.The Justice Education professor said she also supported Richmond’s decision to not go to the police.“I’d also just like to affirm your choice not to report,” Lyles-Chockley said. “I appreciate that part of giving the person that was raped or assaulted control [means] granting them control of what happens next. So we support women by listening and helping according to their individual needs. Friends often don’t understand, and it’s just not that simple.”As a continuation of the “Week against Violence,” Saint Mary’s will host a panel presentation on community responses to violence against women, titled “Justice and the Victims: Beyond Law and Order,” on Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the Vander Vennet Theater. Tags: Justice Education Department, sexual assault, Week Against Violencelast_img read more

WHS football team broke or tied 8 school records in 2014… and it could have been much more

first_imgJace Lowe182 Total Offense3034337.1 4 Condit13584.52 UTATICTFLSACKINTPass Break UpBlock KickRECOVFORCE FUMTDBig PlayTOTAL Touchdown receptions (career)1. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 21, 02-04.2. Colin Reichenberger 20, 12-14.3. Dick Graves, 15, 66-68.4. Dink McEachern, 11, 49-49.4. Larry LeMaster, 11, 76.6. Mark Sneed, 8, 80-82. 12 Dunn572093.72 Touchdown passes career1. Taylor Zeka, 44, 99-01.2. Trevor Nance, 38, 12-14.3. Nate Cornejo, 27, 95-97.3. Zane Aguilar, 27, 01-03.5. Jeff Deschaine, 26, 69-70.6. Jeff Sneed, 21, 77-79.7. Pat Deschaine, 20, 65-66. Fumble return yards for touchdown.1. Eric Wiedower, 99, Concordia, 1999.••••••The following are the 2014 Wellington High School season ending stats: 11114 Consecutive completions1. Pat Deschaine, 10, 1966.2. Mike Sandell, 9, 1976. 132 Phelps3113.71 3 Touchdown receptions (single game)1. Colin Reichenberger, 4, Clearwater, 2014.1. Larry LeMaster, 4, 1976.2. Dink McEachern, 3, 1949.2. Dick Graves, 3, 1967.2. Loren Hibbs, 3, 1978.2. Phil McComb, 3, 1979.2. Mark Sneed, 3, 1981.2. Jeremy Troutman, 3, 1991.2. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 3, Andale, 2003.2. Jeremy Edwards, 3, Kingman, 2009.2. Colin Reichenberger, 3, Goddard, 2013.2. Colin Reichenberger, 3, Clearwater, 2013. Touchdown receptions (season)1. Larry LeMaster, 11, 1976.2. Reichenberger, 10, 2014.3. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 10, 2003.4. Reichenberger, 9, 2013.4. Dick Graves, 8, 1967.4. Danny Crittenden, 8, 1997.5. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 7, 2004. 8 Longest run from scrimmage1. Jerry McComb, 95, 1956.1. Tanner Church, 95, 2008.3. Jesse Ybarra, 93, 1983.4. Chris Chapin, 91, 1968.5. Tim Lira, 87, 2000.6. Tim Lira, 84, 2000.7. Richard Clift, 82, 19948. John Heath, 77, 2004. Touchdown passes season 1. Nate Cornejo, 19, 1996.1. Trevor Nance, 19, 20143. Taylor Zeka, 18, 2000.4. Taylor Zeka, 16, 2001.5. Mike Cypert, 15, 1972.6. Zane Aguilar, 15, 2003.7. Dustin Brown, 14, 2004.8. Jeff Deschaine, 13, 1969.8. Jeff Deschaine, 13, 1970. Reception yards (season). 1. Colin Reichenberger, 1001, 20132. Danny Crittenden, 923, 1997.3. Connor Phelps, 807, 2014.4. Larry LeMaster, 749, 1976.5. Mark Sneed, 692, 1981.6. Reichenberger, 629, 2014.6. David Hall, 596, 1972.7. Phil McComb, 561, 1979.8. Danny Crittenden, 555, 1996.9. Linn Hibbs, 550, 1979.10. Reuban Lake, 547, 1999.11. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 516, 2003.12. J.J. Avalos, 508, 2001. Wyatt Witmer11 Joey Haydon4151041 Most touchdowns (season) 1. Chris Chapin, 24, 1979.1. Richard Clift, 24, 1995.3. Trevor Nance, 23, 2014.4. Tim Lira, 22, 2001.5. Jamie Alton, 21, 1981.6. Tim Lira, 19, 2002.7. John Heath, 18, 2004. Most PATs (season). 1. Colt Cody 43, 2000.2. Colt Cody, 43, 2001.3. Bubba Caudillo, 38, 1981.4. Preston Carroll, 32, 1982.5. Felipe Matsuzoe, 28, 2008.6. Robbie Schaefer, 22, 1978.7. Mike Herrington, 22, 1978. Most field goals (career). 1. Ray Howard, 11, 16-17. Luke Soria11 Trevor Nance14816111 Reichenberger68113.51 Brandon Warner11 Most field goals (game)1. Ray Howard, 6, 1916. RUSHING Conner Phelps1541365121 Longest punt return. 1. Markkel Bradley, 88, Andover Central, 2008.2. Chris Chapin, 86, Campus, 1967.3. Miles Carter, 79, Andover, 1999.4. Jeff Williams, 68, Buhler, 1984.5. Jeff Williams, 68, Augusta, 1984. Total Passing1666185.1 Most PATs (career) 1. Colt Cody, 86, 99-01.2. Bubba Caudillo, 46, 80-81.3. Preston Carroll, 32, 82. by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — While it may have not been a season for the ages, it was a season for the record books for the 2014 Wellington High School football team.Wellington broke or tied eight school records in 2014 and probably would have had a few more had injuries not played a factor down the season’s stretch.It was a season in which Wellington accumulated 3,034 yards of offense (see offensive and defensive stats below), and scored 37 touchdowns. And the combination of the high yardage of 2013 with this year’s team, made for several record breaking performances by individuals.Here’s a list of those school records broken in 2014: •Trevor Nance broke the all-time touchdown passes in a game with five vs. Clearwater.•Nance tied the number of touchdown passes in the season of 19 with Nate Cornejo in 1996.•Colin Reichenberger obliterated the career reception record of 94 which was previously held by Danny Crittenden of 80 from 1996-97.•Reichenberger tied the single game touchdowns reception record with four against Clearwater. Larry LeMaster did the same in 1976.•Reichenberger had 12 receptions against Collegiate which tied the single game mark with Dave Hall in 1972 and Linn Hibbs against Ark City in 1979.•Reichenberger owns the all time reception yardage record over a career with 1,799 from 2012-14.•Nance tied most touchdowns in a game for rushing and passing at six against Clearwater in 2014. Chris Chapin is the only other Crusader to achieve that feat against Derby in 1968.•Lane Beard broke the longest kickoff return record against Circle, going 92 yards.There were a few records where Nance and Reichenberger just fell short. Taylor Zeka’s 2001 season passing record remains intact with 1,913 yards. Nance was closing in at 1,666 when the season ended.Zeka also held on to the passing career record with 4,542 yards from 1999 to 2001. Nance had 4,005. Zeka had 44 career touchdown passes. Nance had 38.Both Connor Phelps and Reichenberger were second and third respectively for receptions during a season. Keep your eye on Phelps career reception record. He has 70 going into next season and needs 24 to tie Reichenberger.Both Nance and Reichenberger were one short in some touchdown categories.•••••All-time Crusader recordsRushing – single game (200-yard rushers)Name, yards, opponent, yards:1. Richard Clift, 330, Buhler, 1995.2. E.K. Franks, 329, Chaparral, 1983.3. John Heath, 326, Kingman, 2004.4. Mike Herrington, 317, Augusta, 1979.5. John Heath, 290, Mulvane, 2004.6. David Heath, 260, Chaparral, 1992.7. Tim Lira, 254, Clearwater, 2002.8. Curt Davidson, 249, El Dorado, 1976.9. E.K. Franks, 217, Andover, 1988.10. Brian McClure, 216, Clearwater, 1987.11. Tim Lira, 216, Wamego, 2001.12. Tim Lira, 211, Mulvane, 2000.13. E.K. Franks, 203, Mulvane, 1988.14. Jamie Alton, 202, Valley Center, 1982. Interception return yards for touchdown. 1. Trevor Nance, 100, Augusta, 2013.2. Chris Weikal, 98, Mulvane, 1998. Interceptions (game)1. Greg LeMaster, 4, Mulvane, 1974.2. Jud Mitchell, 2, Newton, 1970.2. Jud Mitchell, 2, Hutchinson, 1970.2. Mark Sneed, 2, Ark City, 1980.2. Mark Sneed, 2, Campus, 1980.2. Craig Williams, 2, Campus, 1980.2. Mark Sneed, 2, Rose Hill, 1981.2. Craig Williams, 2, Campus, 1980.2. Mark Sneed, 2, Rose Hill, 1981.2. Linn Hibbs, 2, Augusta, 1981.2. Linn Hibbs, 2, Sacred Heart, 1981.2. Linn Hibbs, 2, Baldwin, 1981.2. Preston Carroll, 2, Andale, 1982.2. E.K. Franks, 2, Goddard, 1988.2. Nate Struble, 2, Buhler, 1994.2. Cle Ross, 2, Mulvane, 1996.2. Paul Mangan, 2, Valley Center, 1997.2. Miles Carter, 2, Concordia, 1999.2. Miles Carter, 2, Andover, 1999.2. Alex Hadorn, 2, Goddard, 1999.2. Taylor Zeka, 2, Rose Hill, 2000.2. Taylor Zeka, 2, Andale, 2000.2. Tanner Sparman, 2, Belle Plaine, 2005. Dunn6102171 66 6 Skylar Struble413621 Beard1577014.57 Nance651622.54 150 Colin Reichberger1822254211 Austin Pflazgraph8811 Remington Gilkey132224 Vincent Ast162 #NameAtts.Comp. Yards%TD’sInt Rushing – single season (over 1,000 yards) —1. E.K. Franks – 1,792, 1988.2. Tim Lira – 1,761, 2002.3. Tim Lira – 1,683, 2001.4. John Heath – 1,680, 2004.5. Richard Clift – 1,427, 1995.6. Jamie Alton – 1,327, 1981.7. Theo Frost – 1,277, 1991.8. Chris Chapin – 1,218, 1968.9. Richard Clift – 1,215, 1994.10. Damon Jones – 1,114, 1982.11. Austin Dunn – 1,078, 2013.12. Curt Davison – 1,077, 1976.13. Jamie Alton – 1,023, 1982.14. Jason Wagoner – 1,025, 1999. RECEIVING #NameRec.YardsAvg.TD’s Reichenberger4462914.2954545510 Tristan Witham62 Touchdown passes per game1. Trevor Nance, 5, Clearwater, 20142. Pat Deschaine, 4, Newton, 1966.2. Mike Cypert, 4, Newton, 1972.2. Mike Sandell, 4, Ark City, 1976.2. Jeff Sneed, 4, Derby, 1978.2. Linn Hibbs, 4, Norton, 1981.2. Drake Koerner, 4, Kingman, 2009.2. Trevor Nance, 4, Goddard Eisenhower, 2014. 192 Nick Hyde22211 Gilkey511122.22 Totals110166615.119 133 Passing career1. Taylor Zeka, 4,542, 99-01.2. Trevor Nance, 4,005, 12-143. Nate Cornejo 3,282, 95-97.4. Jeff Sneed, 2905, 77-79.5. Zane Aguilar, 2,360, 01-03.6. Mike Cypert, 1,719, 71-72. 12 Total Rushing1368152.0 (average) 10 2360 Receptions (single game)1. Dave Hall, 12, 19721. Linn Hibbs, 12, Ark. City, 1979.1. Reichenberger, 12, Collegiate, 2014.2. Connor Phelps, 11, Mulvane, 20144. Reichenberger, 10, Goddard, 2013.5. Colin Reichenberber, 9, Clearwater, 2014.5. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 9, Chaparral, 2003.6. Colin Reichenberger, 8, Goddard Eisenhower, 2014.6. Dink McEachern, 7, 1949.6. Dave Tapp, 7, 1965.6. Dick Graves, 7, 1968.6. Mark Sneed, 7, 1981.6. Rueban Lake, 7, 1999. Total offense (single game)1. Richard Clift 330, Buhler, 1995.2. E.K. Franks 329, Chaparral, 1988.3. John Heath 326, Kingman, 2004.4. Mike Herrington 325, Augusta, 1979.5. Chris Chapin 303, Derby, 1968.6. Linn Hibbs 301, Norton 1981. Passing attempts – game. 1. Mike Cypert, 39, 1972. 1 Derek Driskell122 Jason Norris144029114 Receptions (career) 1. Colin Reichenberger, 94, 2012-14.2. Danny Crittenden, 80, 96-97.3. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 72, 02-04.4. Connor Phelps, 70, 2013-14.4. Dick Graves, 48, 67-68.5. Phil McComb, 48, 78-79.6. Dean Wayman, 46, 77-78.7. Jeff Davis, 42, 69-70. 242 11 Ian King111 2 Dylan Ferguson163 Career rushing – (1,110 yards plus)1. Tim Lira – 4,428, 00-02.2. Richard Clift – 2,944, 93-95.3. Chris Chapin – 2,859, 66-68.4. Jamie Alton – 2,799, 80-82.5. John Heath – 2,422, 02-04.6. Theo Frost – 2,357, 89-91.7. Curt Davison – 2003, 75-77.8. Damon Jones – 1,938, 80-82.9. Dick Brown – 1,853, 53-55.10. E.K. Franks – 1,792, 86-88.11. Jeremy Struble – 1,721, 96-97.12. Roger Stallbaumer – 1,538, 69-70.13. Josh Gooch – 1,379, 89-91.14. Mike Herrington – 1,353, 77-79.15. Dale Reinecker – 1,249, 60-61.16. Richard Demoss – 1,161, 58-59.17. Mel Hamburg – 1,128, 64-65. Longest kickoff return 1. Lane Beard, 92, Circle, 2014.2. Steve Meeker, 90, Derby, 1970.3. Mike Herrington, 90, El Dorado, 1978.4. Tony Ybarra, 90, Valley Center, 1984.5. Mike Herrington, 89, Ark City, 1978.5. Mike Herrington, 89, Hutchinson, 1979.7. E.K. Franks, 88, Buhler, 1988.8. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 86, Andale, 2003.9. Tim Mirt, 83, Derby, 1971.10. John Washington, 83, Ark City, 1977. Totals32913684.218 1 Zach Bodkins14393021 Passing season. 1. Taylor Zeka, 1,913, 2001.2. Trevor Nance, 1,666, 20143. Taylor Zeka, 1,540, 2000.4. Jeff Sneed, 1,454, 1978.5. Nate Cornejo, 1,446, 1996.6. Mike Cypert, 1,438, 1972.7. Jeff Sneed, 1,401, 1979.8. Trevor Nance, 1,363, 2013.9. Jesse Cornejo, 1,205, 1994.10. Lance Russell, 1,200, 1992.12. Zane Aguilar, 1,167, 2002.12. Linn Hibbs, 1,127, 1981. 141 Jace Bruns324 Receptions (season) 1. Danny Crittenden, 52, 1997.2. Connor Phelps, 49, 2014 3. Reichenberger, 44, 20144. Phil McComb, 46, 1979.5. Reichenberger, 43, 2013.6. Dean Wayman, 41, 1978.7. Dave Tapp, 40, 1965.7. Dave Hall, 40, 1972.7. Linn Hibbs, 40, 1979.10.  Alex Hadorn, 39, 2001.11. Mark Sneed, 37, 1981.11. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 37, 2003. Alejandro Vargas364 Phelps4980716.469387766 16 Jaden Hines23014 12 Most touchdowns (career)1. Tim Lira, 52, 00-02.2 Chris Chapin, 48, 66-68.3. Trevor Nance, 46, 12-14.3. Richard Clift, 46, 93-95.5. Jamie Alton, 40, 80-82. 2 Beard451.250 Conner Burnett6321462 Andrew Pelkey243 75 111103 14 3 33122 2Nance192104166654%199 11 Reception yards (game). 1. Colin Reichenberger, 269, Goddard, 2013.2. Mark Sneed, 223, 1981.3. Reichenberger, 151, Collegiate, 2014.3. Weiss, 149, Clearwater, 20124. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 147, 2003. Hines281465.21 11 10 Most touchdowns (game, rushing, passing, receiving)1. Chris Chapin, 6, Derby, 1968.1. Trevor Nance, 6, Clearwater, 2014. 2. Mike Herrington, 5, Augusta, 1979.3. Mark Sneed, 5, Norton, 1981.4. Zane Aguilar, 5, Mulvane, 2003. Passing completions – game. 1. Mike Cypert, 21, 1972. Most field goals (season). 1. Ray Howard, 9, 1916.2. Colt Cody, 5, 19992. Colt Cody, 5, 2000. Hines21260 2014 Wellington Defensive statistics 24 1 Joey Lewellen21172 Most touchdowns rushing (game)1. Chris Chapin, 6, Derby, 1968.2. Mike Herrington, 5, Augusta, 1979.3. Mark Sneed, 5, Norton, 1981.4. Zane Aguilar, 5, Mulvane, 2003. Passing        Skylar Brand16493794 3 2145 Reception yards (career). 1. Colin Reichenberger, 1,799, 12-14.2. Danny Crittenden, 1,484, 96-97.3. Garrett Brinkmeyer, 1,133, 02-04.4. Connor Phelps, 1,094, 13-14. 5. Dick Graves, 919, 67-68.6. Larry LeMaster, 789, 75-76.7. Mark Sneed, 748, 80-82.8. Jeff Davis, 702, 69-70. #NameRushYardsAvg.TD’s Passing per game 1. Linn Hibbs 294, Norton, 1981.2. Trevor Nance, 280, Augusta, 2014.3. Ryan Jenkins, 278, Andale, 2011.4. Mike Sandell, 274, Ark City, 1976.5. Trevor Nance, 273, Collegiate, 20145. Travor Nance, 272, Goddard, 2013.6. Trevor Nance, 269, Clearwater, 20127. Jay Mitchell, 258, Maize, 1997.8. Taylor Zeka, 250, Ulysses, 2000. Adam Condit223942143 Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (4) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close WordPress.com Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? 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Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Lane Beard44 Most PATs (game). 1. Colt Cody, 8, 2000.2. Claude Whitfield, 7, 1925.2. Bill Nofsinger, 7, 1950.2. Mike Collins, 7, 2009.5. Mike Herrington, 6, 1979.6. Colt Cody, 6, 2000.7. Colt Cody, 6, 2000.8. Colt Cody, 6, 2001. Longest pass reception 1. Jay Mitchell-Danny Crittenden, 90, 1998.2. Taylor Zeka-J.J. Avalos, 84, 2001.3. Trevor Nance- Connor Phelps, 82, 2014.4. Phil McComb-Jeff Sneed, 80, 1979.5. Mike Cypert-David Hall, 79, 19726. Calder Cody-Lars White, 76, 2005.7. Trevor Nance-Colan Macias, 70, 2012.8. Travor Nance-Colin Reichenberger, 69, 20138. Taylor Zeka-J.J. Avalos, 69, 2001.10. Linn Hibbs-Mark Sneed, 68, 1981.10. Nate Cornejo-David Teague, 68, 1995.10. Trevor Nance-Alex Weiss, 68, Clearwater, 2012. Brenton Troutman1334353111123107 Follow us on Twitter. TOTAL OFFENSElast_img read more