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College makes the grade with online administration system

first_img Previous Article Next Article Five years ago, Stroud College failed an Ofsted inspection, with the lack ofan HR system to monitor staff attendance cited as a key factor. In Septemberlast year, it was re-inspected, and the report highlighted personneladministration as one of the college’s strengths. The dramatic turnaround was masterminded by Nicky Wood, the newly-appointedpersonnel manager at the time, who knew the answer lay with implementing someform of HR software. “With 300 to 400 employees in the college and little or no informationon any of them, my role in HR was challenging to say the least,” sherecalls. “There were no processes in place, no standard terms andconditions, reporting information was non-existent, and recruitment was done byeach department, irrespective of headcount.” Wood was able to secure some of the recovery funding that the college hadbeen awarded to pay for her plans. Stroud College, which offers a range of academic and vocational courses andlearning programmes to meet the needs of local employers, chose HR softwaresupplier Computers in Personnel to install its new personnel and recruitmentadministration system. “They wanted a system to address an immediate need,” saysComputers in Personnel managing director, Chris Berry. The system ran on existing PCs and went live in 2000. The hardest part ofthe implementation, says Wood, was the data collection to populate the system.It was collected by her assistant, who had to work with every departmentmanager, key the information into the system, and then get it validated toensure accuracy, explains Wood. With the information held digitally, Wood took the opportunity to review andrenew HR practices and procedures, including terms and conditions, criminalrecord checks and teaching qualifications. The recruitment software allowed her to create a more structured and uniformapproach to authorising and advertising vacancies, and the college also beganto use the data more strategically. “On a monthly basis, we produce a selection of management reports,which are circulated to the board and senior management team,” explainsWood. “These cover a range of metrics that we need to monitor, such asheadcount, sickness absence, turnover, equal opportunities and vacancies. The managersin the college have now become reliant on the information we are able toprovide and are keen to have access to more.” The HR team’s ability to generate data and therefore benchmark its practiceswas one of the things that impressed the Ofsted inspectors during their lastvisit. “We’d worked for a number of educational establishments before and alsohad experience of generating the kind of returns needed to satisfy the variousfunding councils,” says Berry. After a lot of groundwork, the ease with which the college can extract dataon its people has made the system vital to Wood and her department’s operation.”It is an intrinsic and essential part of everything we do on aday-to-day basis, whether it is sending out a contract of employment, posting avacancy or reviewing a job description,” she says. “We make extensive use of the diary facility for key reminders, such asappraisal meetings and maternity entitlement, and rely on it to trigger theactivities we carry out on that day.” Comments are closed. College makes the grade with online administration systemOn 13 Jul 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Op Atalanta receives new Operation Commander

first_img Share this article The EU Political and Security Committee on May 18 appointed Brigadier Robert Magowan, an officer from the British Royal Marines, as Operation Commander for the EU Naval Force Somalia, Operation Atalanta.Brigadier Magowan is taking the place of Major General Martin Smith. He is expected to take up his duties on June 3, 2016.The Operation Atalanta was launched in December 2008 to contribute to the deterrence, prevention and repression of acts of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast.The operation also protects vessels of the World Food Programme and other vulnerable shipping, monitors fishing activities off the coast of Somalia and supports other EU and international missions in the region such as the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Working with the UN and Somali authorities, Operation Atalanta has contributed to the ongoing process of developing Somalia’s maritime capabilities. Authorities View post tag: Op Atalanta May 18, 2016center_img EU NAVFOR’s Somalia mission receives new Operation Commander Back to overview,Home naval-today EU NAVFOR’s Somalia mission receives new Operation Commander View post tag: EU NAVFORlast_img read more

Tilburg University’s Slager sets out checklist for smart-beta investors

first_imgAlfred Slager, professor of pension fund management at TiasNimbas Business School at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, has set out an eight-point checklist for institutional investors considering a factor-based approach to portfolio management or investments in smart beta.Factor investing takes into account risks that stretch across different asset classes – from economic growth and political uncertainty to credit, duration, size, value, volatility and illiquidity – to achieve more robust portfolio diversification and to refine exposure to factors with desirable risk/return characteristics.Slager – presenting the findings of a study into European pension funds’ awareness of and approaches to factor investing at a 31 January seminar organised for clients by Robeco in Rotterdam – laid out the advantages in terms of better diversification, improved benchmarking of active managers and more cost-effective exploitation of systematic market risks, but emphasised the governance challenges that face investors trying to adopt these new methods.“There is a lot of interest in these processes but also a lot of uncertainty about how to embed them into the portfolio,” he told the delegates, which included many leading Dutch and Belgian pension funds. “If factor investing is so compelling, how come every pension fund isn’t doing it? What are the barriers and challenges?” Slager reported three basic ways in which investors were implementing some of the ideas behind factor investing.The first approach involves leaving the portfolio as it is, with the fund using the additional insights about exposures and diversification.The second identifies existing factors tilts and corrects them to some extent to introduce a more desirable mix of factors.The third approach aims to create a portfolio that is unconstrained and fully factor-optimised.“Today, pensions funds that have taken any steps at all have usually taken steps one and two, and dream about step three,” he said.But Slager’s survey of the latest pension fund annual reports revealed almost no mention of factors or factor investing, suggesting that even many of those investors pursuing these ideas do so without fully considering the theoretical framework, or struggle to communicate that framework to trustees and members.“Trustees have pointed out to me that the level of abstraction we are dealing with is one hurdle,” explained Slager. “It is difficult enough trying to describe what equities and bonds do in their portfolio; if we move up a level and begin to describe term risk, volatility risk and so on, that is a considerable challenge under a governance structure that requires much greater transparency and communication that it has in the past.”This is important, Slager added, because investors need to establish their beliefs about whether individual factor risks are rewarded over time, how long it can take for those risks to be rewarded, how well the resulting risk/return characteristics fit with their own particular objectives and constraints, and how best to benchmark performance.Many of these points are still the subject of academic debate, and can be significantly affected by real-world investing constraints such as transaction costs or restrictions on short selling.“The fact many of these factors appear to have statistical persistence over time is all very well, but, to communicate properly with clients, we also have to know what realistic expectations we can have about these factors, how reliable they are and, most importantly, whether we have a persuasive economic story that makes sense for them,” Slager said.Even once these investment beliefs are agreed and communicated to members, factor investing introduces a range of potentially complex active investment decisions, and investors need to consider where in their governance structure those decisions should be taken and monitored.“We therefore tried to condense our findings from discussing these issues with pension funds into a checklist that would be helpful once an investor has decided to use factors in its model,” said Slager.His checklist had eight points:Treat factor investing as an investment belief and an investment paradigm, rather than merely a techniqueEducate stakeholders to a full understanding of factor investingEstablish common definitions for the terminology used with trustees and membersFocus on appropriate benchmark constructionRegularly review the economic rationale for chosen factorsBe consistent in implementationRecognise that these are active choices that require an active stanceDecide early on how static or dynamic allocations to factors will belast_img read more

Results of weekend games in Trafalgar Basketball League

first_img Share 28 Views   no discussions Here are the results of matches placed in the Trafalgar Basketball League at the weekend;On Friday 16th March, the Laudat Spartans defeated the Upper Village Hoosiers by the final score of 91-82 pts. The game was controlled by the Spartans from the tip off, as the never trailed. Their biggest lead was 15 pts in the 3rd quarter, but was brought down to 2 pts, with 3 min to go in the 4th quarter. The Hoosiers had absolutely no answer for two young, talented & exciting players (Jamal & Jervon Serrant – Dominicans but based in Canada) who dominated the game however they pleased. It was truly captivating performance from the twin brothers. Everyone needs to see these two brothers play.Top performers for Spartans – Jamal Serrant – 48 pts, 8 asts, 4 reb, Jervon Serrant – 20 pts, 6 asts and Shaun Reid – 11 pts, 7 reb.Top performers for Hoosiers – Royce Caesar – 30 pts, 6 asts, Joseph “Boone” Jno. Baptiste – 27 pts, 7 reb and Edgar George – 10 pts, 3 rebOn Saturday17th March, in game 1, the Morne Prosper Long Horns defeated the Fond Canie Rebels by the final score of 81-72 pts.Top performers for Rebels – Ronald Bruno – 26 pts, 7 reb, Joel Mc’Intyre – 22 pts, 6 asts and Daryl Thomas – 13 pts, 3 reb.Top performers for Long Horns – Emile “Milk” Cadeau – 19 pts, 7 reb, Kendel Isles – 16 pts, 3 asts Lyndel Mayers – 16 pts, 4 reb and L.G Thomas – 13 pts, 5 astsOn Saturday 17th, in game 2, the Elvis Welding Services Road Stars defeated the Lily Valley Sharks by the final score of 84-71 pts.Sharks were very unfortunate to have lost the game, after starting of the 1st quarter on a 15-0 run, and with all the crowd support behind them throughout the game. Sharks are now 1-3, with the only win coming as a result of getting the points by default over Cochrane. They have lost every other game, despite being crowd favorites. Top performers for Sharks – Craig St. Rose – 19 pts, 5 asts, Clinton Charles – 16 pts, 2 asts and Ricky Toussaint – 13 pts, 7 rebTop performers for Road Stars – Julian Isles – 25 pts, 7 reb, 2 blks, Thomas Felix – 19 pts, 5 asts, Fitzgerald Daniel – 18 pts, 8 asts and Patrick Lafonce – 13 pts, 4 rebOn Sunday 18th, the Bath Estate Huskies defeated the R.C Bullets by the final score of 91-83 pts. The bullets were without star point guard, Bernard Mills, who is off island, and majority of the scoring was left to Garth Joseph.Top performers for Bullets – Garth Joseph – 35 pts, 12 reb, Ronald Charles – 16 pts, 4 reb and Larocque St. Jean – 16 pts , 2 rebTop performers for Huskies – Bedno Soanes – 16 pts, 3 reb, Joseph “Jo Jo” Hypolite – 15 pts, 7 reb, Marcel Nicholas – 14 pts, 4 reb, Davidson “Ginny” Toulon – 14 pts, 4 asts and Ivan “Bakery” Jno. Baptiste – 12 pts, 3 astsThe next scheduled games will take place on Tuesday 20th – game 1 – R.C Bullets vs. Upper Village Hoosiers – 7:00 p.m, and game 2 – Elvis Welding Services Road Stars vs. Morne Prosper Long Horns – 9:00 p.m. Share Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Tweet NewsSports Results of weekend games in Trafalgar Basketball League by: – March 19, 2012last_img read more

The Latest: IOC suspends Olympic boxing qualifiers

first_img12:45 p.m.The Penn Relays, one of the oldest and largest track meets in the nation, has been canceled in response to the coronavirus pandemic.The Penn Relays were scheduled for April 23-25 and had been held uninterrupted since 1895. The event celebrated its 125th consecutive running last year. The Philadelphia-based University of Pennsylvania says it will attempt to host a substitute track meet at a later date in late May or early June. The new event wouldn’t meet the standard Penn Relays format. The three-day event would shorten into a one-day event for youth, high school and open runners.The Penn Relays has adapted to worldwide conditions in the past. The meet was altered in 1917 and 1918 when several colleges, including most Ivy League institutions, curtailed their track programs during World War I. During World War II, travel restrictions reduced participation and spectator attendance while gas rationing was in effect in 1943 and 1944.___ Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the coronavirus outbreak’s effect on sports around the world (all times local):6:30 p.m.The IOC has decided to suspend all Olympic boxing qualifying events until May because of the coronavirus outbreak. Associated Press Paderborn player Luca Kilian has tested positive for the coronavirus. Three players in the second division also have the virus.Germany was the last of Europe’s top five leagues to suspend games.The German soccer federation says that games in the top two women’s divisions and the women’s cup will be suspended through April 19.___2:05 p.m. Fourteen members of the team were also placed in quarantine for 14 days after coming into close contact with the person who tested positive for the virus. McLaren chief executive Zak Brown says they are in “good spirits.”McLaren says the rest of the team has returned to Britain but will not go to the team’s headquarters for two weeks as a precaution.With the first four races postponed, the F1 season will not resume until May at the earliest.___11 a.m. March 16, 2020 ___1:55 p.m.The Hungarian soccer federation has temporarily suspended all of its competitions.Federation spokesman Jeno Sipos says clubs have been asked to forego training sessions and make it possible for players and staff members to stay home.Sipos says in a video posted on the federation’s Facebook page “we hope we are contributing to stopping the spread of the epidemic.” The league is to meet Tuesday to discuss its response to the coronavirus outbreak. However, CSKA said it was no longer able to host Sunday’s game against Zenit after restrictions on mass gatherings in Moscow were tightened.CSKA says it will discuss potential rescheduling and refunds for spectators later.The Russian league was the largest European soccer competition still operational over the weekend, with more than 33,000 fans attending a game between Zenit and Ural Yekaterinburg on Saturday.One large banner at the match read: “We’re all infected with soccer and will die for Zenit.”___ The Greek Olympic committee says the Olympic flame handover ceremony for the Tokyo Games will take place without spectators in an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak.The committee says the accreditation cards that had been issued for Thursday’s ceremony at the stadium in Athens where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896 would not be valid.The body’s headquarters will also remain closed from Monday until further notice.The committee canceled the remainder of the Olympic torch relay last week after crowds gathered in southern Greece to watch part of the torch relay in Sparta, where the torch was carried by actor Gerard Butler.Greek health authorities have warned people to stay home, and have shut down everything from restaurants, bars and cafes to public organized beaches, ski resorts, hair salons and movie theaters, in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. The FIVB says it is in contact with the IOC about “potentially revising the beach volleyball qualification system” for the Tokyo Olympics.As of Monday, four of the last nine points-rich four- and five-star events have been postponed or canceled.___12:20 p.m.NHL players have been told they can return home and self-isolate there until the end of March while hockey is on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Latest: IOC suspends Olympic boxing qualifiers British horse racing will take place without spectators and with restrictions on the number of attendees.The British Horseracing Authority says “the intention is for scheduled race meetings to take place wherever possible.” It adds that “decisions may have to be made to cancel meetings.”BHA chief executive Nick Rust says the racing industry is “following the government’s advice to strike a balance between protecting public health and maintaining business activity.”More than 250,000 people attended the four-day Cheltenham Festival last week.No decision has been made on whether the Grand National Steeplechase will go ahead at Aintree next month. More Britons bet on that race than any other. 2:10 p.m.The German soccer league has extended its suspension through at least April 2.The extension covers the next round of games and the upcoming international break.League CEO Christian Seifert says “it doesn’t mean that we assume we can play from April 3.”Seifert adds that some clubs could face potential financial collapse and put “tens of thousands of jobs” at risk without funding from TV broadcasts and sponsors. 12:40 p.m.A staff member of Canucks Sports & Entertainment has tested positive for COVID-19.Trent Carroll, chief operating officer of the Vancouver Canucks’ parent company, said the diagnosed individual was in self-quarantine and feeling better. The organization closed its offices Monday and employees were preparing to work from home “wherever possible.”“We are receiving guidance from the health authorities on next steps,” Carroll said.center_img All six of the remaining teams are based in Russia, where various cities and regions have imposed their own restrictions. Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Moscow played in an empty arena on Wednesday.The KHL said Saturday it was “in consultation with clubs and all relevant authorities to diligently manage the impact” of the virus outbreak.The KHL has not commented on the withdrawals and its website still lists those teams as competing. The next scheduled games between teams which have not withdrawn are Wednesday.___9:55 a.m. A European qualifier currently taking place in London started on Saturday and was scheduled to run to March 24. It will be closed after Monday’s evening session.Subsequent Americas and final world qualifiers were scheduled to take place in May.The IOC boxing task force says it has taken the decision to suspend events “amid increasing global travel restrictions and quarantine measures, in order to allow the participants from over 60 countries to adjust their travel plans and return home.”The task force says it is evaluating the situation daily with the aim “to complete the distribution of the remaining Tokyo 2020 boxing quota places in May and June.” ___ This signals a significant update on the league’s potential timeline to resume the season. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced last week the season was on pause and did not provide more specifics on how long that would last.Players had previously been told to remain in their team’s city and await further direction. The new directive comes in the aftermath of the CDC’s recommendation the U.S. not hold gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks.___3:30 p.m.The Russian soccer league has taken a step closer to shutting down after CSKA Moscow canceled its upcoming game with Zenit St. Petersburg. The WTA says it is calling off clay-court tournaments in Stuttgart, Istanbul and Prague, adding those to a list of events previously canceled.Each of those three tournaments was scheduled to begin in April.The tour says a decision will be made “in the week ahead” about the rest of the European clay-court circuit.The next Grand Slam tournament is the French Open, which is scheduled to begin in Paris on May 24.___ The federation’s announcement was in line with a government decision to have sports matches played in empty stadiums and only if organizers took responsibility.Speaking Monday in parliament, famously soccer-mad Prime Minister Viktor Orban said it would be even better if matches were not played at all.___1:30 p.m.The women’s professional tennis tour has suspended all competition until May 2 because of the coronavirus outbreak. Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials say they are holding off on postponing the month of May activities that conclude with the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend.The Indy 500 draws crowds in excess of 300,000.“We are aware of the CDC’s interim guidance suggesting the postponement of events involving more than 50 people over the next eight weeks,” the speedway said in a statement released before 6 a.m. local time.“Our priority is to do our part in protecting the public health while still conducting the 104th Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge as scheduled on May 24. This continues to be a dynamic situation which we are monitoring constantly in coordination with federal, state, local and public health officials.”___ Canucks Sports & Entertainment, formerly known as Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment, owns the NHL Canucks and Rogers Arena, among other properties.___12:30 p.m.The international beach volleyball tour has postponed two more events, clearing the schedule of everything until May 6.The FIVB says a three-star event that was supposed to take place this week in Gold Coast, Australia, and a four-star tournament next week in Cancun, Mexico, have been postponed because of travel restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The events are crucial for athletes trying to qualify for the Summer Olympics, with more points available at the higher-rated tournaments. 10:10 a.m.A second team has withdrawn from the Kontinental Hockey League playoffs because of the coronavirus outbreak.The KHL is widely considered to be the strongest hockey league outside the NHL and is one of the few major sports organizations still operating in Europe.There are now six teams remaining in an eight-club conference semifinal bracket.Finnish club Jokerit withdrew Saturday citing concern for the health of its players and staff. Now Barys Astana says it is withdrawing after authorities in Kazakhstan banned sports events and restricted entry to the country. Coates says “it’s never been the IOC’s position. It was Dick’s idea. There is four months to go.”___11:10 a.m.McLaren says the team member who tested positive for coronavirus at the Australian Grand Prix “is recovering well” and that his “symptoms have gone.”The British team pulled out of the season-opening Formula One race on Thursday because of the positive test. The race was canceled on Friday. 11:25 a.m.The leader of the IOC’s coordination commission for the Tokyo Olympics says there is no May deadline to cancel the games and he remains confident the event will go ahead despite sports coming to a virtual standstill globally amid the coronavirus outbreak.John Coates, who will have to go into government-mandated self-isolation when he returns to Australia this week from Olympic business in Europe, told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: “It’s all proceeding to start on the 24th of July.”Former IOC vice president Dick Pound said in an interview with The Associated Press last month that the end of May loomed as a possible deadline for the IOC to make a call on the Tokyo Olympics.But Coates, an IOC vice president and head of the Australian Olympic Committee, told the Sydney paper in a telephone interview from Switzerland that the IOC didn’t recognize the deadline and he thought Pound had backed away from it, too. 1:20 p.m.The NHRA drag racing series has suspended its season 30 days with the intention to resume events April 17-19 in Houston.An event at Las Vegas has been postponed with no new date announced.“We made this decision with heavy hearts as we see the effects this pandemic is having on the world,” NHRA said in a statement. “We are all in this complicated uncertain and rapidly changing situation together, and we encourage everyone to look out for each other.”Other motorsports such as NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One already pulled the plug on racing. Greece currently has 331 confirmed cases and four deaths.___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6last_img read more