The five rule to solve problems without keyword ranking

chain is too little to keep up with the rhythm of no effect, also the construction of the chain some friends is three days fishing nets two days of drying, not a law nor Cheng Fangyuan, here I suggest friends every day to their station to do three to five high quality of the chain number, come down for a long time and the quality of your web site outside the chain is also very impressive, ranking will certainly go up.

Three, there is no Take a lot of time every day to

(1) quality is low

practitioners actually every day is very busy, constantly updated website content, looking for the chain better, thinking about how to strive for a better ranking closure. But many owners have encountered this problem, he worked hard to do for several months, the ranking is hovering in dozens more, do not know how to do next. Standers-by see more than gamesters., in fact, jumped out of the work, we will find a lot of problems, the author will share with you to solve the no five rule ranking keywords. read more

Summarize a few mistakes webmaster to do the initial Shanghai dragon to make

website optimization is an important internal link, internal links generally has several aspects, including the content of the text in the long tail keywords links, including website or channel bottom page random article links, these links not only convenient for the user to find more relevant content, but also can help better search engines crawl the web, but some novice webmaster may not notice, when the beginning of the website has been updated, and forget to appear in the body of the website content with some such links, or in the channel page plus hot commodity or article list. In addition, by the way, can also use the nofollow tag to control the whole website weight. read more