Single page optimization summary

single page because of its natural weight is low, SEO difficulty is higher, the operation point lies in continuously strengthening its power, focus on to get the top ranking. Available means are:

1, using an independent domain name.

independent domain inspection indicators are.

1) does the domain name contain the target keywords?.

2) the domain name weight is reduced sequentially from gov – edu – org – com – cn.

3) is the domain name history innocent?.

2, external links. read more

What’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a professional

what’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a professional

was over 1 in the morning and chatted with a friend on QQ. It seemed to me that she had seen my shadow again. There is an interesting topic to talk about, the difference and characteristics between entrepreneur and professional person.

I’ve always positioned myself as a grassroots entrepreneur. And many people want to start a business, but always think, did not really move, or dare not venture to venture, risk is proportional to interest. For those who do not want to do it, not real entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurial fantasy. There is also a professional person, they would like to use the company’s platform to develop themselves, improve their ability and income, while getting higher positions. read more

The first deal brought to Admin5

I often Admin5

, has been concerned with all kinds of information of Admin5, has been feeling as a webmaster’s bitter sweet, always concerned about figure wangdage we teach, has been successful in all kinds of authentication admin5. But I don’t think he is a real master, why do you say so, because I haven’t made what website, no more money from the site, remember to see a definition of webmaster articles on the Admin5, the title seems to be what the real owners of " XX" don’t remember. So far, I have always felt that I am still a rookie, but will do something to stand fur, and we must continue to learn. read more

Plug in type of website, what course to follow

At the start of the

station is a BLOG to write about their own game, especially when the love Tencent’s new game CF- Cross Fire, write down their own experience in battle and learn the skills in the forum every little bit every day, to the look.

one day, the game’s friend gave me my first plug-in, accidentally put plug-in to the website, the results in the next few days, the site’s traffic soared, the wave flow shocks me happy, I said to myself, I found a website a new direction! read more

People’s war and nest egg — content construction of website from Sasu blog

any website, high quality web content (special service) law system to create the maintenance is a headache thing, but Sasu blog "Anti Japanese War series" reminds us that even the original blog content (not to mention the site) can be resolved by "people’s war" mode.

and, as long as you stick to it, it’s not only a good way to build a website, but also a correct way to brand it.

Sasu blog is by some Japanese historical friends for his collection, "Yang Jingyu in the last moment of life. (the first chapter)" said: "yesterday, I find a surrender of the document to a Japanese friend told me the phone, this document has been found; and his wife also provides some Japanese soldiers of the composition, the more China historical data is provided by the more enthusiastic people. read more

Where is the way out for public welfare websites

has been using ASP for several years, and has done several ASP sites (which is actually called software more appropriate). To say, "do station technology" or "know something", but still remain a layman in the management of websites.

last October, by chance, I came into contact with the A5 station. It really opened my eyes. From here, I learned what SEO is, what is PR, what is the temptation page, and what is the promotion. It can be said to benefit a lot. Let me know, the website also needs to manage. read more

How do you like your Taobao


today, a lot of people want to do Taobao off – has always been such a title to attract "Taobao customer earning 50 thousand, you heart it?" but when choosing the Tao do you want to do? You can earn a monthly income of 5W? You can understand how much behind the pay is not found your monthly income is zero you can accept? Hard struggle a few months down you really can make



, tell me about my first order. Where did you come from,


my first single with you, are waiting for a month later, I was doing QQ space using about get the first 14.9 yuan revenue, said there are people will ask QQ. He can do to promote? Can make money? A month income read more

Easy to wash food is not pragmatic What are some of the takeaway websites such as 129T

lead: easy Amoy star has invested 10 million yuan acquisition of search engines, takeaway takeaway takeaway O2O website 129T, comment booking platform gourmet and food steward, and strategic investment tianzixing, launched a new generation of food O2O solution "Star Plan", aimed at ecological layout catering O2O.

recently, billion euros net in delivery companies easy Amoy star tianzixing strategic investment conference, the two sides jointly launched a new generation of food O2O solution "Star Plan", want to get through online and offline business catering enterprises. Billion European network learned that easy Amoy star has spent tens of millions of yuan acquisition of takeaway search engines, takeaway network, takeaway O2O website 129T, reviews reservations platform, gourmet and ingredients housekeeper, designed to layout catering O2O ecology. read more

Dear, four plug-in, you’ve made me happy for a long time

yesterday a webmaster friend recommended a I have never heard of something -6.1.0 home four four grid of cells plug-in to me, at first I did not know what is the use of this plugin, then he gave me after seeing a station with four lattice plug-in effects I probably understand. Feeling for my forum or very practical, ask a friend to download a address, intends to install a four lattice plug-in.

returned home from work after dinner with friends to the address to download a four cell pack, what should I do next? I carefully put the instructions to download the installation read again, mimihuhu, seems to be covering some files, but fortunately I work itself is to do.Net programming, so I know how try, how to start to feel. I began to open the FTP, first of all must cover the file with FTP wear to cover, then also need to change 2 files manually (below the root directory of the index.php and temples/default/ dizcus.htm), I am afraid to make mistakes so to do a backup, then according to the web pages that are inserted into a lattice code four then, put the file to the server cover, fix the ok. I couldn’t wait to see the effect. I opened my website., I couldn’t help screaming. I was so happy that I installed it so well. It made me feel so relaxed the other day, read more

Clothing enterprises to carry out network marketing must know

from many factors of RMB appreciation last year, prices of raw materials, export trade, the export trade oriented industry greatly affected, especially the outbreak of the financial crisis, China’s exports declined for the first time.

when the crisis broke out, the clothing industry, which is the first to bear the brunt, has become a major competitor in the market competition in the face of difficulties. From offline to online development, not only the service industry, as well as the traditional industry development trend. In fact, as early as one or two years ago, China’s individual clothing enterprises have wading network direct marketing, the use of online shopping as the main business of the B2C model of e-commerce. read more