Living in Xiamen 20 years Taiwan established mediation studio

was originally a Taiwan and the mainland, both sides have many contacts, not only in the commodity trading, or in related culture, there exists a phenomenon of inheritance. However, in life there will inevitably be a contradiction occurs. Let’s understand, Xiamen lived for 20 years and Taiwan established mediation studio story.

yesterday afternoon, the eighth session of the Straits forum · cross-strait grassroots mediators fraternity exchange, the two sides have come to show their mediators mediators, mediation skills and methods. read more

Home accessories store operators need to pay attention to what

home jewelry store in the market is very concerned about the development prospects are also very good, if you want to open their own home jewelry store, then need to pay attention to what? Xiaobian tell you do these four aspects of the work, to ensure that you can successfully operate.

1, location

home furnishings store the biggest risk or location.

only choose the right location, in order to ensure the source, to ensure that the store profitable, otherwise everything is empty talk.

2, source read more

Three reasons may lead to the failure of wooden doors

building materials to join the industry in recent years has been developing well, in this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, so that many customers together to follow the road to get rich. However, many entrepreneurs will find that even if the project is a good prospect of development, but there are still many entrepreneurs are facing the crisis of closing. Here we talk about the reasons for the failure of investment wooden doors.

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These problems lead to fast food restaurants put up the shutters

how can a fast food restaurant succeed? I believe we all have questions. To open a fast food restaurant in order to succeed, we must first analyze the failure of the case, from the failure to find a lesson. Today Xiaobian for everyone to open a fast food restaurant failed cases, we hope to learn from them, to improve the success rate of our shop.

Lack of prior planning for


choose to do fast food, is that the industry threshold is low, the risk of small pressure, fast cash return. Because of this illusion, when we take lightly, the lack of planning for the operation, so that the consumer population, the cash cycle cycle, the estimated turnover of inadequate assessment, when the risk comes, unprepared. read more

How to choose the wrong address

runs his own business in an appropriate place, this is very important, many entrepreneurs also focus on the very location problem, but the street shop also so much, but the society continues to develop, even at the moment. Well, will not be able to guarantee the future and how to choose the wrong address this problem it involved, if wrong, how should I do?

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2015 Shanghai Valley global innovation contest held successfully

in the business boom after another Internet era, a variety of entrepreneurial competition were held, is to create a positive atmosphere of competition. However, the recent 2015 Shanghai Valley global innovation competition was successfully held, causing widespread concern in the community.

by the Shanghai Valley, Jiading hosted a venture, CIE chain alliance, jointly sponsored by the American Center for creative leadership "and" Forbes Chinese version, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of Silicon Valley’s 2015 global strategic cooperation innovation contest held in Jiading, Anting in the afternoon. read more