What are the principles of pharmacy off-season

shop ushered in the off-season, which is almost a normal thing, after all, almost no business can really achieve a hot season all year round. In fact, the retail industry will have a light, the season, the pharmacy industry is even more so. But when the season is to store the coming season, as a person should do what preparation?

the following four points is the pharmacy to deal with the principle of off-season methods:

moderate stimulation principle: mercenary way is only temporary, off-season sales should focus on drugs and seasonal characteristics of the summer, on the staff of the sales skills training and development, such as: the summer high incidence of what? What is the relevance of these drugs? Pharmacies how to match the sale of these drugs? How to get customers interested in non – therapeutic drugs? read more

How to decorate the hot pot restaurant

a shop to choose the correct address, but because the decoration work is not in place, thus affecting the development of the entire store business, which is a great loss. So, if you want a hot pot business booming, very important to do the decoration work. So, how to decorate the hot pot restaurant?

environment will affect people’s mood, thus subtly affecting the taste of hot pot. Previously, Hot pot mass of less than 30 yuan per capita, often only pay attention to the taste and ignore the environment, Tuzao, soil pot and soil depth and the monotony of the shop, dull and depressed. read more

What is the name of the toy shop

although many toy store owner know all the important role of the shop name, but really want to shop a good name, this is not a simple matter, we also need to pay attention to nature. Of course, if you can master the relevant methods, can also make the name becomes simple. So, what are the names of the toy shop?

doll house [the name of Ibsen’s masterpiece yo]

DreamWorks [film company name, you can change to the dream factory or ask the trade and Industry Bureau is feasible if the original read more

Open home stores can not know the operating methods

2016 at the beginning of the real estate industry and the rapid rise of the situation, it can be predicted that the home decoration related entrepreneurial projects are also selling in the year after year warming, operating home stores is an ideal venture. Under the premise of fiery market prospects, the shop became the first choice for investors, some of the products sold in the store is generally close. But some store business is hot, some stores are unable to make ends meet. In the home store business inside the great knowledge. Small series for the specific analysis of how to operate. read more

How to innovate the development model of logistics driven economy in Suining

with the advent of the Internet, our consumption patterns have undergone significant changes, not only affects the majority of urban areas, but also has a profound impact in rural areas. In recent years, Suining provincial Party committee in accordance with the "advantages, drying characteristics, at the forefront of the province and the Suining province into the modern service industry agglomeration area requirements, and strive to build modern logistics base and the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone regional logistics center, logistics innovation driven economic development mode, promote the rapid development of logistics industry in Suining science. read more

Looking for a project to earn a what to open shop

would like to invest in a shop, you have to consider what to open shop, and then consider how to operate and other issues. So, what is the most profitable shop? There is no small investment returns high good projects? The following small series for you to answer the mystery.

what shop the most money? To open a bakery, easy money. Bakery business variety very much, from the varieties of bread, toast, small cakes, cake, chocolate, cake, cake, art lover cake, cake characteristics (wedding, celebration), pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, and through the different ingredients can be derived from a variety of tastes. Experts advise, in the choice of operating varieties must not be a bomb, while the localization of attention at the same time, but also to choose their own business location and business direction. read more

Some colleges and universities in Shanghai for teachers does poineering work from the green light

although since the promotion of entrepreneurship, many colleges and universities have a certain support for the resignation of entrepreneurship. However, such a venture will generally have a business project restrictions. In order to help Shanghai, the construction of global innovation center, "section 22" for the release of the bonus system as soon as possible, Shanghai University is actively exploring new branch set aside the "blank", essay in the pilot work.

"teachers to apply for post business, but the business project is not the high-tech field, can enjoy the relevant preferential policies similar to the case of Shanghai" 22 branch "?" Response to teachers and researchers doubt, Shanghai Business School issued the "two-way flow of scientific research personnel pilot scheme" — this is the Shanghai "by 22 after the release of Shanghai first on the flow of teachers and other acts to make the provisions of the process of colleges and universities, including the University from the system level to the reform of teachers to high-tech enterprises, does poineering work from part-time etc.. It is reported that in April this year, Shanghai Finance University has approved a teacher’s post for entrepreneurship. read more