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Stationmaster net broadcast Ministry of industry will manage spam messages Jingdong domain name jd.c

1 the Ministry of spam messages governance at the end of December expanded the scope of new regulations introduced micro-blog WeChat

news November 18th, the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority responsible person said yesterday, communication short message service management requirements prior to the drafting of the "(Draft)", to December 5th after the comments were aggregated and modified, is expected to the end of December issued.

the provisions from the legal level, without the user’s permission, no organization or individual shall send short messages to its business. For violations of the provisions of the telecommunications business operators and short message service providers, the maximum fine of 30 thousand yuan.

draft special made by any organization or individual without the consent or request the recipient, not to send commercial messages, and strictly curb "by the number of segments," send online automatic collection group, clear short information service provider and the short message content providers should be rejected and with short information the receiver shall not refuse to receive short message to the recipient obstacles.

2 Jingdong will be the domain name jd.cn income bag in Jiangdu government free of charge  

November 18th hearing, on November 14th, Jingdong and Yangzhou district government on the Yangzhou Jingdong electricity supplier Industrial Park project to reach a cooperation, held a signing ceremony, Liu Qiangdong attended the signing activities of the. The day before the news, in this cooperation, Yangzhou District of Jiangdu city government will also free domain name jd.cn to Jingdong.

in March last year, the Jingdong opened the 2 letter domain jd.com high-profile value million caused the industry’s hot, but in the high-profile behind jd.cn/.com.cn/.net/.org and other mainstream suffixes are not the fact that in the hands of Jingdong, it also allows people to sweat for the brand protection of domain name of Jingdong, especially jd.cn is still in the hands of the government on the acquisition, easier said than done.

3 Baidu acquisition of fast money? Quick money past life!  

yesterday, sources said, Baidu will acquire third party payment companies fast money, the amount of up to $2 billion acquisition. Baidu and fast money both sides declined to comment on the news. However, according to public information, in the fast money soon after the establishment of fast money is to establish a strategic partnership with Baidu, Baidu to "pay for performance" and "movie search" and other services to provide online payment platform, Baidu to provide customers and consumers such as bank card transactions, online payment and transaction data and query history account management services.

at present, BAT has been the layout of the third party payment and financial aspects of the Internet in a big game, but compared to Ali and Tencent, Baidu has been far behind. If the news is true, BAT in the field of Internet banking will upgrade the pattern.

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