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The original CTO medical search DXY threaten to fight with Baidu

yesterday afternoon, Baidu just aspiring their latest achievements in the medical field in the Baidu medical brain "announced that night was the original Feng Dahui singled out the quality of CTO". After leaving the whereabouts has been a concern of Feng said to be a Dahui, with Baidu search, a search of medical stem.

"I can’t wait to start."


in the public "hearsay", Feng Dahui announced that she was going to start, are perpendicular to the direction of health care in the field of vertical search — at Baidu. He did not disclose the name of the search program and specific planning, but said that the next will be officially launched financing, the formation of the team, starting from scratch.

in the text, Feng Dahui admits that at this stage is the capital of the coldest time, but he believes that entrepreneurship at this stage is also good: the industry is no longer noisy, people no longer impetuous.

obviously, in the Baidu search medical controversial (especially the Wei Zexi incident, Baidu search reputation down to the bottom) when the introduction of medical vertical search can more easily gain the people, in Feng Dahui’s comments on the article, many users said to and support for their entrepreneurial projects.

, however, Feng Dahui is clearly not the first person to eat crab vertical search. According billion state power network understanding, Baidu’s old rival 360, Sogou early in the vertical type of search efforts.

is actually very early Qihoo 360 in the medical search on a thought. In April 2013 360 officially launched a good doctor search platform, positioning seems to be to the public "loyalty": "safe, clean, health care professional search engine".


According to the official

described the 360 doctor provides services in three areas: first, the 360 doctor assistant will be on the formation of science content of medical institutions and medical workers to spread the whole network path; second, through professional practice assistant function, efficiency and coverage of medical institutions and medical workers to help enhance the scientific and popular science work; third, contribution big data, providing comprehensive data support for medical institutions, medical workers and government departments.


line for half a month, the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has released micro-blog said, "the 360 doctor search on-line half, every day millions of users of treatment interrogation, help more than five thousand users online registration." After six months of operation, the 360 official to provide data: covering the disease of the kind of 14029, covering the hospital, including three hospitals, more than 1500 of them, with more than 2000 registered hospitals. The number of daily use of 360 physicians to search for up to 730 thousand passengers, nearly every day to help users to complete the online registration.

but insiders said that the 360 doctor will only be a good doctor online, Xunyiwenyao network, 39 Health Net website content is returned to the user, not the two screening and review of information, and did not propose any consumer protection measures.


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