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Official said WeChat will soon be on the line we free oh

this is to do the WeChat enterprise edition to force the enterprise market and WeChat enterprise number is about the hands of each other? What are the characteristics of the enterprise WeChat product features and its product positioning is what…… On these issues you are most concerned about, WeChat team wants to chat with you.

WeChat’s upcoming

enterprise, have a rest, return receipt function

Q: WeChat team is really being developed WeChat



A: as you can see, this screenshot is our enterprise is measured in WeChat LOGO. As a new product, is still in the early stage of grinding, the main part of enterprise online invitation. We are constantly collecting feedback of our suggestions, hoping to provide a better experience for enterprise users.

Q: the progress of the development of enterprise WeChat how to use WeChat


A: in the timing, is expected to be released in the next one or two months, and will be released simultaneously multiple versions, including IOS, Android, MAC, windows version.

released early in the line will still take the form of invitation system. We will open in the near future to apply for the entrance of the trial, but only for the business of Tencent and WeChat enterprise e-mail users open.

Q: what are the new features of the company WeChat to launch


A: we launched the enterprise WeChat, first of all hope that it is a good foundation for office communication tools, we believe that this is the most basic and practical function of the service. Secondly, there will be some features fit office scenes and OA tools.

for example, we hope that the product can be more temperature, especially enterprise products can narrow the gap between the enterprise and staff’s distance, such as we have paid attention to the "rest" function, can let employees in the rest period of uninterrupted, can not receive information, help employees to distinguish between work and life, let the user feel enterprise WeChat out of the ordinary side.


however, visit the situation from the closed beta user feedback is very good, and the receipt, many people call these functions. As for WeChat, in order to protect the receiver of the message, WeChat also default without a message has been read unread, but in the scene, and indeed some urgent and important matters, it can through the "receipt" function, let the sender know whether the message reach the receiver. This is to protect the receiver, and with a "return" to meet the sender, is a moderate function.


cut corporate services market, build product matrix

Q: what is the development concept of enterprise WeChat based on what purpose or reason, WeChat team to launch the enterprise WeChat this product >


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