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Rely on buy things to make money, a new career

we all know a simple truth: selling things to make money!

but you never thought you could make money by buying things!

in a foreign company employees, the content of the work is to buy things, consumption. Then according to the number of consumption to get the corresponding bonus money. How are you?

the company has developed rapidly in foreign countries and has entered into china. How do they work?

this company is a special survey company, who are their customers? Why can they buy things to make money?

their customers are mainly a variety of shop owners. Many employers want to know some of their own shops in the service of what problems. So they’ll pay for this kind of company. Then the employees of the company will take the money from the company to carry out their tasks. Their task is to go to the designated place, as an ordinary consumer spending money. Then remember the details of the process and the problems in the store. Then go home and write a detailed report to the client, and then the money is earned.

whenever I see a novel pattern, I will think of the Internet, this model will not appear on the Internet? The answer is yes!

you know, Standers-by see more than gamesters. this simple truth. Currently, most of the site CEO, especially e-commerce sites CEO can not see their own shortcomings in the site where the problem. In order to make their own service better, better sales, they may need to be similar to the kind of company in the traditional industry.

China’s e-commerce website is more and more, the competition of e-commerce website is more and more intense, in order to make their services to further enhance. The demand for e-commerce sites in this area is getting stronger and stronger. Perhaps, after a period of time, this kind of money to buy things on the Internet appeared.

if there is such a profession, this kind of professional sales language can be designed to:

do you want to upgrade your website?
transformation rate of your website to promote? You want to have more

give me the money, I go to your website consumption, can find your site is currently a variety of problems, and then I will make a detailed report to you.

if there is such a profession? What is the name of this profession?

welcome to name!

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