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Didi respond to the most stringent new regulations really wronged or false injustice

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text / Li Yundie

legalization champagne just finished, the net about the car really trouble has come.

after a lapse of two months, the local government according to the Ministry of transportation jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" to develop "the most stringent rules, October 9th, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen also announced the service network management solutions about the car license, to draft, exhaust, the commander and the owner of the vehicle wheelbase, refinement of the household registration requirements for vehicles.

a time, net about car industry once again played under even the mighty storm, founder of Lily van Jiangdu ridicule, dating sites the biggest rival appeared "," verify the identity, residence, criminal record, car information, in addition to real estate information almost all verified".

however, compared to China "the relevant network about cars and the local refinement of the policy of the Shenzhou car did not affect the positive response, and easy to" positive energy to actively implement the network about the new car and local implementation details, drops become tearful response to the story of the most big waves.

innocence drops, really become the vulnerable groups to be sympathetic to the


with the public opinion to the princes of

in "on the net about the car drops to solicit the views of some of our views" in one article, apparently intended to represent "hundreds of millions of drops of net about car users" and "million net about car drivers" and relevant departments to discuss, even proposed to discuss together with the community".

indeed, as the network about the car industry pioneer in China, there has always been a drop on behalf of the momentum of the industry. While the United States in August taxi software originator Uber (yuho) China acquisition, strengthened the pieces of "internationalization" image, full of confidence seems to represent China towards the world.

is undeniable, not legal in the past, by repeatedly "slogan" the Ministry of transportation, made a lot of effort for special funding.

however, the passage of time, drops are eligible on behalf of the industry, and how many drops of argument convincing, questionable.


statement, by standing in a public position, so that strict regulations will enable people to face hate long "taxi" and "taxi expensive" old status ", and the fact that the drops drops since August announced the global travel yuho reached a strategic cooperation agreement. A large-scale reduction of subsidies, the user has to return to the old taxi expensive condition. Shenzhen consumer committee also said on September, has received a number of consumers for drops, excellent step up complaints".

, of course, there are views that excellent step with the drops of the merger, marking the Chinese travel market from the subsidy war user model to return to the service >


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