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Webmasters broadcast many fund companies to follow the balance of treasure WeChat will increase the

1 Tencent teach you how to venture in the platform, how to break through the five Tencent

Tencent Partner Conference held today at the Beijing National Convention center.

Liu Chiping, President of Tencent Inc

said that since the establishment of the Tencent open platform, the developer’s revenue has reached 3 billion yuan cumulative revenue. The full year 2013, the developer will be divided into 3 billion yuan.

Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent

said Tencent this year will invest a total of 2 billion yuan to support small developers.

for the majority of developers, Tangdao Sheng speech than the money to more valuable, in fact he is for developers, entrepreneurs how to break off the five recommendations — of course, these suggestions are in the context of the Tencent open platform.

news: http://s.admin5.com/article/20130703/512834.shtml? 1372840202

2 taxi application barbaric growth capital will promote horizontal integration

barbaric growth taxi applications finally wait until the government’s boots fall.

July 1st, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Bureau issued the Beijing taxi mobile phone call service management rules (hereinafter referred to as the rules), which mainly includes:

1 mobile phone call software can not increase the church car software service providers charge must be with the city taxi call service charges "in line", which is immediately called the car service 5 yuan, 4 hours ahead of time call car service fee 6 yuan;

2 in the future mobile phone call service operators should center and taxi dispatch 96106 signed a cooperation agreement, service binding, joint deployment, these mobile phone call software must be approved by the city’s taxi industry departments for the record, to obtain license, call service platform to access a unified industry.

the details of the introduction of the outside world was interpreted as the traditional power of the use of administrative power to join the market competition for a taxi bonus. The follow-up will affect the size of the application of the taxi market and the valuation of venture capital companies." A venture capital industry insiders pointed out to Tencent technology.

news: http://s.admin5.com/article/20130703/512724.shtml? 1372840156

3 and the collapse of the investigation: "best business model" missed earnings inflection point

a shopping mall closed, so that nearly 20 banks fall into the vortex of default payment rights. And consumers can not think of is, as a card no secret payment rights of contracted merchants, Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent in case there is no sign of suddenly announced the closure.


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