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A shares fell 13 suffered cry nanzu nternet companies to return

[Abstract] domestic policy relaxation, the concept of stock return to the domestic capital market uncertainty reduction, return to the local advantage.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 3rd

in the past 1 months, including 360, everyone, vianet, unfamiliar street, rice and other large enterprises in preparation for privatisation, the number of over 20. However, the sharp decline in the A-share market is now preparing for the collective return of A shares suffered embarrassment.

violent volatility over the past 13 trading days, so many A investors can not forget. A shares hit 5178 points in June 12th after they continued to fall, since June 15th, the stock index has dropped nearly 1400 points, back to the end of March this year was.

according to Tencent securities statistics, in June 23rd to June 26th when the week of 50 million 766 thousand effective positions to calculate the investor, the average market capitalization of each of these accounts evaporated by 320 thousand of the 13. In this round of retreat, the gem is undoubtedly the hardest hit.

has created a limit of more than and 30 mythical monster storm technology due to the suspension escaped unharmed, but a large number of enterprises including LETV, but no such luck, a senior investors said, watched the account shrink, but was reluctant to cut, there is a deep sense of powerlessness.

A shares seemed to go astray, for the backdoor listing of the Focus Media and leave the storm, this let 360, everyone, vianet, unfamiliar street, rice and other enterprises face a difficult choice, is the abolition of privatization, continued privatization, bravely into the unknown.

everyone took the lead in making a choice. Everyone’s company COO Liu Jian recently said that everyone has to do the stock operation, but everyone has never played Chinese stocks, Chinese stocks really do not understand. Everyone does not rule out any possibility, but everyone does not consider the A-share market A.

Liu Jian also believes that if A shares bear come early, a lot of preparation under the city under the city has announced the company or company may not lower, because the return to the domestic capital market not what advantages, why trouble privatization."

compared to the stock of hesitation, no listing of Internet companies to return to the domestic capital market will be more resolute. On the Interactive Encyclopedia announced before the removal of VIE, the introduction of 280 million yuan of investment, to the domestic capital market, is expected to be completed before the end of 2015 the new sanban.

the same time, there are many unconfirmed news that the ant Chinese gold clothing, fly, public comment and Iqiyi and other 4 enterprises will become Shanghai stock exchange strategic emerging in the first batch of listed companies, according to the progress of preparations for the strategic emerging board, the fastest in April next year is expected to push out.

Liu Qiangdong VS Peng Zhiqiang: the concept of whether the stock return

in the current trend of return of stocks, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong’s most prominent attitude. Liu Qiangdong made it clear that Jingdong will not be privatized, they are more concerned about the company’s long-term >


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