2012 nternet public relations crisis


in 2012, many brands and businesses suffered serious social media disaster and public relations crisis due to the problem of advertising or improper speech.

McDonald’s failure marketing

in January this year, McDonald’s launched a marketing campaign in Twitter. To encourage consumers to interact with suppliers, McDonald’s launched a topic "#m eetthefarmers". In the course of the event, the fast-food industry giant has launched another topic #McD Stories, hoping to attract consumers to release their dining experience in McDonald’s restaurant. However, many users decide to share their unhappy experiences at McDonald’s with second topics. This is not exactly what McDonald’s wants.

pay for celebrity micro-blog Snickers due to being investigated for

earlier this year, Snickers pay let a couple of British celebrities in the Twitter release they ate Snickers bar photos. The British Council found that even bargain, requirements to consumers must specify in Snickers advertising for the products. The Council for Twitter advertising later made an investigation, but the final clarification of the misconduct snickers.

"Chick-fil-A" (Chick-fil-A) of the


American chicken fast-food chain "Chick-fil-A" caused the two social media controversy this year. The first is the cause of its founder, said in an interview, "Chick-fil-A" opposition to same-sex marriage. This has aroused strong dissatisfaction of homosexuals and their supporters, they launched a boycott "Chick-fil-A" activities in the social network. Soon after, "Chick-fil-A" refers to the creation of fake Facebook account in order to maintain their reputation.

Microsoft taunts its employees

in September this year, an employee of the Microsoft Corp · send personal information Claude misuse of official Twitter account. Microsoft spokesman said that their official Twitter account by an · he was Claude management, intends to use your Twitter account to reply one from the Labour minister Robert · Reich’s information, but she did not care for the company’s account reply. Microsoft’s official Twitter account later reply, said: "your four year old granddaughter’s level of absolute security in ·, Claude, etc.."

kitchen treasure company’s anti Obama micro-blog

said offensive micro-blog, kitchen company kitchen treasure (KitchenAid) can be described as the first. The United States President Obama in the general election the first televised debate said his grandmother after retirement and health care service depends on the age, finally in 2008 he was elected president of the three days before death. Subsequently, the company’s Twitter account treasure hair micro-blog said: "even Obama"


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