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Wang Tong 3 holes in the transformation of traditional enterprise nternet


this is a part of today’s community to share:

: the first pit blind media

media likes to create the concept, the concept of fire is easy for many companies to follow suit, the results are very miserable.

I can be very responsible to tell you that those tall Internet Co in the media that their practice and they started when the real practice is completely different.

we see the Internet through the media, just the tip of the iceberg of the Internet world, and really hidden in the following is a more real Internet, you can not see in the media.

blind media idea to do the transformation of the Internet, this is the first


you don’t want it, a reporter for the number of monthly income, you let such an income people to guide your business transformation strategy, what is the

not to die?

second pits: blind to do APP

many companies do a mobile Internet, it is necessary to develop APP, spent hundreds of thousands of development, spent millions of promotion, the results found that there is still no one to use APP.

do business, every day countless, their dreams are beautiful, but the reality is very cruel.

APP development costs, the higher the cost of promotion, the vast majority of users do not like to bother to download a APP to use.

currently on the market, most people are not used to download APP.

remember, do mobile Internet, don’t do APP, this is a pit.

third pits: up to do platform

there are many traditional companies, in the traditional field has done very successful, billions of dollars in sales a year, so they transition the Internet, it is necessary to come up with a large platform, the results of the dead miserable.

, for example, spent hundreds of millions of Foxconn to do business platform, a year on the burn, the bubble did not take a look.

Wanda also do business platform, spent a lot of money, for a lot of people, but also did not do it.

has very many traditional business owners, strategic idea is very good, we must do a platform, thought the whole office building, an operations team, do a website, develop a app can become a platform.

this is a dream!

brother said: remember, through the Internet, the user is not your platform, users are not


real platform, never the pursuit of formalism, but the pursuit of actual combat, combat gameplay, often do not need to spend too much money, is not particularly beautiful.

this is the traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet easy to jump into the three >


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