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Net police work secret 24 hours to monitor the local website

reporter Li Enshu

Jiangsu City Public Security Bureau network security detachment captain Yue Ming’s desk is placed on 4 computers, is our gun, he told the Legal Daily reporters.

recently, a case of illegal trade in kidney organs were Changzhou police network detective, because the news effect brought by the case, this has always been a low-key network security detachment was quickly chased by the media.

Yue Ming pushed out all the media about the visit, the nature of the police team is doomed to their low profile, we are working behind the scenes, which also allows the network police in the eyes of the people, full of mystery".

however, the police team low-key but not inaction, Ming took the Changzhou police in recent years, the main investigation uncovered cases of fine thick pile, and assist in the investigation of cases are numerous. With the development of the Internet, the role of network police is becoming more and more important.

network security work big and full

most of the people who have little contact with the public security work will have such a question: what is the police network


network security work is large and full, commonly known as the ‘Online Public Security Bureau’." Yue Ming said that one of the network security team is responsible for the crime, the main investigation cases involving criminal law 285th and 286, it is to grasp the hacker".

network security team also cooperate with other business departments of the investigation, many of the cases involved in the network, such as QQ fraud, telecommunications fraud and other cases. Almost all criminal cases must be accompanied by the arrest of the police network, some electronic evidence needs to be fixed by the network police professionals to save.

in addition, the police also operating on the public Internet sites (Internet), non operating public Internet sites (such as the Internet some hotels offer) as well as units of supervision and maintenance of Internet sites.

another important function is to monitor, which monitored 24 hours on a local website, delete jurisprudence and other illegal and harmful information in a timely manner, to ensure the network health, and to provide support for the national network information security.

Changzhou public security network security detachment in accordance with the function is divided into 5 teams and 1 departments, a total of 30 police and the auxiliary police, the case of the brigade has a group of 13 police.

graduated from China Police College, "professional computer crime investigation" of the flow in the Changzhou public security detachment of the network has been working for 5 years, in his opinion, "the police network is a new kind of police, but with the development of computer technology, the police also need to continue to learn the latest technology".

is also the combat Department

Yue Ming will be the characteristics of the network police summed up as the fight and technology equal, which means that the network security team is not only the technical sector, but also the actual combat sector.

has recently been the illegal trade in human organs case widely concerned society is Changzhou public security network security detachment of the main investigation cases, before and after consuming more than two months.


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