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Daily topics Baidu 100 attracted attention in response to the Commission said 8% illegal income

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news October 24th, 22, Baidu announced that Baidu’s financial center, financial management platform will be officially launched in October 28th, will also launch target of 8% annual rate of return financial plan Baifa (8.baidu.com). This news has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of users of financial investment, the industry has become the focus of recent attention. In the Internet users are still talking about, but also aroused the concern of the commission.

below is the Commission notice Original:

Baidu also responded:

Baidu Finance: strict compliance with regulatory requirements to allow investors to get more revenue

recently, Baidu financial center is about to release the hundred hair program, has been the community and the majority of Internet users attention and support, we are deeply grateful. Baidu financial center in the process of Internet financial innovation, always maintain active communication with regulatory agencies and government departments, and strictly abide by the provisions of the regulatory authorities, to ensure that the service is running well under the premise of legal compliance.

Baidu as an innovative high-tech companies, with a wide range of user base and leading big data analysis and mining technology. Baidu into the Internet in the financial sector, to the concept of the Internet technology and financial institutions in the financial aspects of the deep accumulation of organic integration, will make full use of their own understanding of financial users, allowing customers to enjoy a more convenient and intimate financial services through the internet. We believe that the close integration of Internet companies and the financial sector, will also promote the upgrading of the development of the financial industry, and ultimately allow the majority of investors to get greater benefits. Baidu financial center will work with partners to design products, compliance compliance operations, we are full of confidence in the value of Baidu’s financial products for users to create.

please continue to pay attention to our "hundred hair" plan. Baidu financial center is willing to contribute to China’s financial innovation under the guidance of relevant government authorities, the benefit of Internet users.

Baidu financial center

October 23, 2013

in the Commission after the announcement of the investigation, Baidu in the evening will be the center of the financial center of the web page, the third phase of the promotion activities. After the revision, whether or not to have participated in the previous two activities, are required to register again to open an account, bound to a bank card as the purchase of a hundred hair funding sources. After the account, the user will automatically get a free version of the "gifts", there are still all kinds of businesses and the daily raffle vouchers and other benefits, but the most important "to buy more to send" has been canceled. In addition, yesterday, the site has just deleted the 8% earnings did not appear in the new version, so far, these are the most eye-catching "surprise" low-key disappearance of the two.

face the most heated 8% of the proceeds, the relevant person in charge of the Baidu Inc yesterday made it clear that the hair is not a hundred


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