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The United States mission, comment, super two rice leading group purchase pattern for the final judg

U.S. mission, comment, glutinous rice lead other share accounted for only 10%

original title: "super two" group purchase pattern for the final judgement

compared with a year ago, buy more concentrated market. The domestic well-known research firm Analysys think tank recently released "seminar on market O2O China life service report 2014" report, 2014 Chinese group purchase market in the first half turnover amounted to 28 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 102.5%. The U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi three companies accounted for about 90% of the market share, the market competition pattern presents the characteristics of "super two".

5 enterprise monopoly 99% market

specifically, the U.S. group accounted for 56% of the market share, compared with the same period in 2013, the U.S. group market share rose 19 percentage points, occupy the leading position; the public comment an increase of 3 percentage points, accounting for 21%; 4 percentage points year-on-year growth of Baidu Nuomi, accounting for 13%.

This means that the three

industry has accounted for 90% of group purchase market share, while a year ago, the U.S. group, public comment and Baidu Nuomi combined market share of only 64%. A year jumped nearly 20% market share, is the scapegoat of former fame handle, Wo Wo Group etc..

that time, handle, Wo Wo Group can compete with Baidu Nuomi stalemate, but with the market share dropped to 5%, 4%, and three have lost their combat power. There is news that the handle for a new round of financing in the first month, but has not been below, the market situation does not appear to defeat by financing can bring back face. Wo Wo Group voice of the market is more weak.

actually, can survive in hand, Wo Wo Group is lucky, more miserable is to become the "other" group purchase enterprises. A year ago, classified as other group of companies also accounted for 18%, while the other share has dropped to $1%.

Analysys analyst pointed out that although there are group purchase website exist, but also just to keep operating concept, from the market perspective, group purchase market can be final judgement and even can be said to only 5, the rest of the market of enterprise group purchase.

from the trend, the market concentration will be further enhanced, basically only the top three in the future." Analysys analyst believes that the reason is that Matthew intensified, while the United States has Ali investment, public comment Tencent investment, while Baidu Nuomi is the Baidu O2O business, three companies were strong backing, determines the basic industry in the future, for internal competition into three.

actually, the third of the campaign is no longer confined to the group purchase business, has been extended to the online ordering takeaway, etc, are moving in the "big platform for local life service" to grab the pace.

three business success or failure

report shows that food and beverage, leisure, hospitality and tourism category for the market to buy the main revenue items, accounting for


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