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Google update search engine to add more screening capabilities

Beijing on October 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Google now to Internet users to provide more search results of screening methods, companies hope to fight against Microsoft in the search market on the positive pinqiang.


Google update its search engine, add more screening function

Google on Thursday announced the search feature is more subtle, users need to click on the search results page on the display options link, will notice this change. This feature allows users to filter search results by video, comments, forums, or books. Google launched the screening method for the first time in May of this year, the current version has joined the news and blog classification options.

In addition to

, Google search engine can now be listed in the past one hour on a keyword search results. Prior to a similar function can be traced back to the past day, week or year.

through this feature, the user can also choose to search results, show how many related online shopping links. The introduction of these additional features or is due to the success of Microsoft search engine stimulation, Microsoft by virtue of its powerful search will attract a lot of network advertisers, and will provide a similar function.

from market research firm comScore data show that the recipients in a $100 million marketing plan, Microsoft in August in the U.S. search market share climbed from 8% in May to 9.3%. At the same time, Google has maintained its share of 65%.

Microsoft hopes to trade with Yahoo Corp, allowing users to use more of its search engine. At present, we must deal with 19% U.S. Internet users search requests. But for YAHOO, even if Microsoft technical support, the company also needs to add more features in the search results, in order to attract traffic.

Google said the improvement is due to the needs of search engine users. "Our users are asking for more and more of the search engine," he said. "We don’t even think about it a few years ago," said a Google product manager."


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