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Baidu Computer Manager will release the Three Kingdoms with 360 security guards QQ computer Butler

trade rumors Baidu will launch the computer housekeeper for a period of time today, according to informed sources, the upcoming release of Baidu Computer Manager, Baidu Computer Manager 1 version of beta is measured, Baidu Computer Manager will use the domain name guanjia.baidu.com.

from the leaked screenshots, Baidu Computer Manager beta 1 edition set software download, software management in one, the main interface button only installed the necessary software, uninstall the software upgrade, three, respectively, provide promotion software and installation management, existing software upgrade management, uninstall the software and computer maintenance optimization in three aspects. Install the necessary security anti-virus, word processing, chat, input method, browser, music, video, download, game entertainment, graphics, desktop themes and other software. The interface style is similar to that of the 360 software manager.

, according to media reports, Baidu Computer Manager project was only a few months ago to join the client software business department, deputy director of Wu Tao. Wu Tao previously responsible for Tencent QQ music, QQLive products such as R & D operations, rich experience.

Hua Jun software park editor Mi Xiaobin earlier in an interview with the Sohu IT, thunder, 360, Tencent and other client’s huge user viscosity and the flow rate has caused the attention of Baidu, this year will be an important period in the field of Baidu’s client.

at present, in addition to the development of computer housekeeper, Baidu is also brewing launched several clients. Since May, Baidu client software business department is still large enrollment, according to the Baidu recruitment plan, Baidu intends to launch the enterprise instant messaging, e-mail, input method and audio and video player as a client.

360 security guards and QQ computer Butler’s war of words is still likely to continue the battle. Baidu Computer Manager is about to release, 360 security guards, QQ computer butler with Baidu Computer Manager or staged three kingdoms.

360 security guards and QQ computer Butler two clients each other to expose each other scars that the other is not to engage the user, mimihuhu do not know who to believe, Baidu Computer Manager will release, will certainly love by users, because Baidu Computer Manager has just come out is still very small, certainly is innocent, it certainly assured users.

A5 on Tang Shijun said: if Baidu Computer Manager released at this time is really all the favorable conditions and advantages. What is the day when the 360 security guards and QQ computer housekeeper are slobber war, fierce users confused, do not know who to believe what is good; Austria, Baidu is the first Chinese Chinese search engine, Baidu allow you to search for a keyword, the first one is about Baidu Computer Manager, this is really going to 360 security guards and QQ computer Butler what man was scared to death; and that Baidu itself has a huge amount of users, and Baidu Computer Manager users believe that Baidu Computer Manager is the youngest, innocent, 360 security guards and QQ computer housekeeper are not clean, the user does not rest assured that the use of only 100 >


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