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Benz 10 years from the domain name to the senior student stationmaster minon

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) October 27th hearing, said Ben, what would you think? The car or cartoon? Today Xiaobian to introduce the domain name investors benz. The original name is Ben, Wukong, for fear of confusion with 4.cn Wukong, and decided to change the name, coinciding with the acquisition of the domain name daben.com, then renamed: benz. The walk in the domain name investment circle nearly 10 years of domain name investors recently limelight is not small, yes, he is the millions of dollars with the "WeChat" domain name wx.com "benz".


freshman Webmaster: from hobby to life center of gravity

What were you doing when

a? Anyway, small or unsuspectingly is immersed in the college entrance examination, get rid of the pressure of joy. But at that time it is most personal webmaster! Zhengzhou Forum (zzbbs.com) that he did. The site began in 2004, he felt the importance of domain names, although some registered domain name, but did not really understand, in order to deepen the understanding of the domain name, so he began to blend into the domain name platform.

When the 2004

website, just a hobby, does not consider whether the problem of profitability. Since 2007 to enter the newspaper, have leisure began operating in Zhengzhou forum, 08 years the income of the site has since he paid many times, only Baidu can earn a month million dollars, when a new house for the month and the furniture was bought by website profit. So in 09 years, he resigned from the newspaper, intends to start their own full-time business website. But the so-called "don’t see us alone", Ben soon felt the lack of funds, the money for Baidu, personal Adsense is OK, for a team, is an utterly inadequate measure.

was also buying and selling domain names, but only as a hobby. First let him change the domain name is yigan.cn (b), from the eName platform when he spent less than 2000 yuan to take the domain name, in a week after someone to the inquiry, he was just at a price, did not expect the other party actually agreed. A week to earn 10 thousand, in his own words to describe is, there is a kind of feeling of pie in the sky". Since then, the domain name investment has gradually become a focus of his life. Even at the time when the company’s website is not profitable, Benz also put in domain name money subsidies to the team.

received from the terminal: to professional intermediaries

Benz recently from one of the top 500 enterprises in the hands of Schneider acquisition of the "WeChat" domain name wx.com, is the focus of the crowd triggered the domain name industry hot. According to Ben said, take this domain is very difficult to give up. And finally insisted on taking the domain name is the key to the domain name of love. "Such a tough negotiations did not give up halfway because is not willing to give up."



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