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Electricity supplier integrity Forum public exposure of malicious fraud in this industry

DoNews2011 e-commerce forum integrity forum held in Beijing on the afternoon of April 11th, the state power, full network, cotton net, net, every day, play fun integrity Xingchang XinDa network executives at the meeting to talk about the industry at present, the exposure of some malicious fraud cases, and the existing problems of industry to suggestions.

in the integrity of the forum, the moderator’s first question is the electricity supplier industry is the existence of malicious fraud problem". Guests are admitted to the existence of this situation, were exposed to these practical problems, and analyze the reasons for the proposed solutions.

CEO Zheng Min said the state power, in contact with the business sector, saw a lot of electricity market malicious fraud case, mainly have two kinds, one is to set up a fake website, shielding domestic IP only allows foreign IP access, then charge delivery; the other is the production of phishing sites cheat the user password. Zheng Min believes that the emergence of malicious fraud, fraud or mild, especially the situation is the main reason that, at present the industry is still too young, you do not brag, investment institutions and users do not pay attention to you; on the other hand, because the industry is very difficult to ensure that young, never make mistakes.

day network senior vice president Xu Ruijie believes that the District of electrical malicious fraud does exist, for example, some enterprises in order to survive, selling shoddy, false price, service Chengnuobuduixian etc..

fun play network CEO week that the electricity business district of malicious fraud is bragging, it is malicious behavior of competitors. Zhou believes that the electricity supplier should do less commitment, more cash, and as a small electricity supplier, and should not be more than a large number of companies to fight, their way out is to consider and solve the current user pain.

full network CEO Feng Xiaohai think, do group purchase the integrity of two points, including the platform integrity and service business to consumer credit. The platform is so honest, just bragging, no exaggeration, sureness to provide services; do business integrity, you can try to do the third party audit, rely on the bank’s credibility, the credibility of the government to protect the user’s trust.

D network president Lin Wei believes that the electricity supplier market there is some businesses, shopping malls with quality products in shopping malls to sell online prices, supermarket stores sell quality price, vendor quality to sell the supermarket price. As its own brand sales platform, cotton in do maintain their integrity is to pay more attention to their own products, fine to use what fabric, choose what processing factory.

The chairman and founder of XinDa

Xingchang Liu Lei believes that the electricity market is the most fraudulent sale of counterfeits, the use of information asymmetry on the abuse of brand value, and as a traditional industry, extending to the brand on the Internet, it needs more and more honest. At present, the company is trying to do is how to extend the brand value to the internet.

sub forum discusses three questions: the electricity supplier industry if there is malicious fraud problem? How to do – >


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