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Beijing issued guidance from the protection of the right to network dissemination of information

for the site copyright infringement phenomenon intensified, Beijing Copyright Bureau recently released the information network transmission rights protection guidance, and will be formally implemented from August 1st. "Guidance" clearly requires that the site should be a significant position in the home page of the site to remind the user should not be uploaded without authorization. Encourage the implementation of the real name registration system, the registration of the upload information.

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after repeated attacks on the Internet direct infringement acts of governance has achieved significant results. However, a large number of users on the resource sharing platform and the formation of large-scale, group infringement, has not taken any effective administrative or judicial protection measures." Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau relevant responsible person said, because the current domestic including Baidu, Youku, potatoes, thunder, hits the top ten resource sharing sites, contain a large number of users to upload the works of others, and continue to cause large-scale, group infringement tide. This is not only a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the right people, disrupting the normal order of the Internet business, but also cause bad international influence. Therefore, the standard video, music, graphics and other resources to share the site’s business practices, to stop large-scale, mass infringement, copyright protection in the next two years is the most prominent, the most urgent task." Beijing Copyright Bureau official said.

Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau Director Han Zhiyu believes that the "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" clause is not the resource sharing site of the "safe harbor", "the establishment of safe haven principle is a prerequisite. One is the principle of "safe harbor" does not replace the basic provisions of "copyright law" on Authorizing the use; two is in the last few years of strong social repercussions of copyright disputes, patch, binding sites are contained in the commercial advertising resources share, which is not in accordance with the information storage space provider does not get direct revenue provisions from the upload works. Three is safe haven only provides for the exemption of civil liability, and did not waive its legal liability. But in this year’s major copyright disputes, we can clearly see that some of the resources sharing site is not unable to distinguish between the original works and other works." A lot of music, video, graphics and text on the original site has "works" column. Because they understand that, according to the status quo of China’s Internet users to promote UGC (User Generated Content users original content) mode and charging mode is very difficult." Han Zhiyu believes that these sites are not subjective in order to limit the user to pass other people’s work, but to encourage, entice, indulge a large number of users upload works, in order to achieve rapid convergence of popularity, improve the purpose of the click rate. "While the broadcast law-abiding website one by one to buy the copyright, while standing in sharing the ship, do not spend a penny can have almost all works, this is not only unfair competition, and is trying to hit the legal edge ball."

it is understood that, in May 2010, the higher people’s law of Beijing


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