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MT 2015 network construction investment is expected to reach 435 billion yuan

MIIT speed reduction fee press conference


technology news July 6th morning news, according to the chief engineer of the Ministry, spokesman Zhang Feng in today’s press conference introduced the speed drop charges, the Ministry will supervise the enterprises in accordance with the commitment to implement the annual task before the end of the network speed, mobile phone traffic and fixed broadband unit bandwidth average tariff fell 30% in the target level.

Zhang Feng pointed out that the speed of social concern reduced fee implementation, the ministry put forward 28 key tasks of division three 14 work and detailed, including specific measures to supervise the basic telecom enterprises introduction and release speed drop charges, a clear division of responsibilities and accelerate the implementation; accelerate private capital to open the telecommunication market and promote market competition; to improve the telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism, increase public financial support for rural broadband construction; joint letter construction and other relevant departments to promote local research programs, effectively solve the broadband "admission difficult" problem.

Zhang Feng also introduced the situation of network construction. In terms of investment, in 2015 the network construction investment is expected to reach 435 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. The next two years will be more than 700 billion yuan investment, and direct and indirect investment in the upstream and downstream industry chain.

in terms of promoting consumption, in 2015 will lead to smart phones, computers, Internet and other terminal sales of more than 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, of which 4G terminal mobile phone sales are expected to close to 400 million.

in employment, the national network of entrepreneurship employment this year more than 10 million people, is one of the fields of public entrepreneurship, innovation "is the most important.

According to Zhang Feng

, as of May this year, China’s family fiber coverage reached 335 million, higher than three years ago more than 7 times; the use of 8Mbps or more broadband users more than 100 million households, three years ago, nearly 6 times the mobile broadband users more than 640 million households (3G/4G). (Zhi Yong)


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