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Daily topic 2014 O2O wind dance! Who will be the winner

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 7th news, public comment CEO Zhang Tao recently gave employees sent internal mail that O2O Internet has become a hot word in 2013, and the future will continue to heat up in 2014, because through the Internet, especially mobile Internet to change the depth of service line under the Internet is a big trend, the next an Internet giant will be born from.

In 2013,

O2O is definitely one of the hot words of the Internet industry, the industry leader, entrepreneurial grass root swarmed, believe that 2014 O2O will have explosive growth. Now everyone seems to be talking about O2O, in fact, the O2O model, as early as the rise of the group purchase site has began to appear, but consumers are more familiar with the concept of group purchase group purchase, goods are temporary promotions, and on the O2O website, as long as the site and businesses to continue cooperation, the merchant’s goods would have been "promotion". O2O, businesses are offline store, and group purchase mode in the businesses are not necessarily.

the initial pattern in the field of group purchase as an example, the top has been in the market gap, to the survival and development of enterprises continue to become less and less, trend of monopolistic competition. In fact, many vertical O2O industry has begun to show this trend. Catering O2O is such a military a hotly contested spot. I think, this time next year, to establish the status of the market catering vertical O2O companies around five.

as an enterprise, whether it is to engage in e-commerce or O2O, the only purpose is to make money and marketing. Of course, business people make money by skill, some enterprises is the craft of fine product quality, is selling products; some enterprises can raise the voice is is selling, marketing; some enterprises sell lots, some companies sell some popularity, selling services, selling some creative. But in any case, all for the purpose of the business is not O2O rogue. The essence of O2O is to get through online and offline marketing system, sales, online and offline services at the same time, through the line to collect consumer demand, transformation and upgrading of the link cost, supply chain, perhaps by saying some words, is C2B.

if the vertical field of venture companies in the traditional areas to open a gap in the past, penetrate into food, tourism, medical and other vertical industries. So now, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong and other Internet giants are speeding forward, with its own advantages into the line. With WeChat, Alipay wallet, Baidu maps, and Amoy little Jingdong logistics for the first March Tencent, Ali, Baidu, Jingdong, will usher in the next line of four killed. In the traditional side, whether large shopping malls such as intime, top grade discount, or large restaurant group such as bottom fishing, or chain stores such as Meiyijia, Tang long, or many small restaurants, taxi driver, in order to warm more than in previous years into the internet.

can be expected, with the rotation of the industry ecology, the capital market


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