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Who is the Alibaba’s new CEO Zhang Yong, a former Lu Zhaoxi in the past 2 years and what merits

from the low-key and pragmatic financial background, to Lu Zhaoxi, to "war" is known as the Zhang Yong, the Alibaba will gradually return to business platform of the beginning of the heart, but will not give up the aggressive strategy of rapid growth. It is almost the same in May 10th, is Ma 2 years ago announced the day of outgoing CEO, Zhang Yong replaced Lu become an internal e-mail messages by the Alibaba’s new CEO MA in May 7th by the public.

"I’m not surprised. I guessed that a long time ago." A former employee of the Alibaba in 8 years told "Daily" curiosity "," happy child "(Zhang Yong in the name of the Alibaba (Alibaba) and the" old "insiders call on Lu Zhaoxi) have been leading my line," old land "from the end of last year has been basically do not work then, almost all the positions are removed."

this one, most outside attention, or from now seems more like the last step, March 13th Lu announced his resignation as president of High German group, and the post and submit to the Alibaba mobile business group president, chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu UC browser. If you think of the Alibaba’s first strategic investment in High German, in May 10, 2013, you will know what this position means to Lu Zhaoxi. Alibaba was $294 million strategic investment in High German became its largest shareholder, Lu Zhaoxi is the leader.

and Lu Zhaoxi took over the post of CEO, in the outside world seems to be more of a listing of Alibaba to arrange for Ma Yun. "As CEO, Lu Zhaoxi’s task is more of a strategy, not a strategy, which is the work of Ma Yun." A Taobao employee said in an interview with curiosity daily. The former employees of the Alibaba also said, Ma Yun said that he would also like to bring in the interior (Alibaba) 10 years, but out of consideration, he needs to find a successor."


Lu Zhaoxi and Ma

Lu Zhaoxi is considered to be the most appropriate and reasonable person at that time". "He has been in almost all the companies of Alibaba, those executives he has taken, is the most able to serve a person." The Ali former employee said, "now the transition period finished, ‘the old land’" historical mission was completed, in addition to Ali cloud service, Ma Ali’s performance last year was not satisfied, he felt pulled down, did not see too much innovation, the word is not meet his expectations."

Ma announced by the internal mail this major personnel changes at the same time, Alibaba also released as of March 31st fiscal year 2015 first quarter earnings and full year earnings. Quarterly earnings report, Alibaba’s revenue grew 45% to $2 billion 800 million, but profit >


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