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Happy net has been a lack of new ideas to attract million people dislike sad net

according to the "Family Health News" reported that the "happy net" of the epidemic, to now "sad net" and currently on the Internet, "sad net", "care net", "quick acting heart" and a number of other heart prefix sites turned out.

happy network transfer sad nets

had a work in favor of the "happy net" is refers to the lack of new ideas and has been abandoned. At the end of last year "sad net" quietly open, played the title "the moon is, people are so sad, grief at separation and joy in union" of the post to vent their feelings of grief. See others sad, they will be a lot better, a lot of users believe that sad network is actually a bigger happy network". "Let us together here and cry", the website domain name and style with "happy net" is similar, but with "happy net" of the "real name system", "true friends" reality feature, "sad net" in the fabric are mostly strangers, is also using the name of.

tens of thousands of people online "Lao" sad

"I want to start, but no money, then go to work now, all laid-off workers, how to find?" netizens Miss Du "sad net" on the "company Lao Lao" wrote the first "own sad log". 1 hours later, Miss Du received a reply to the 10, which is full of comfort, encouraging words. "It seems that sad people are not just me, pour out a lot of mood, there is a moment of happiness." Miss Du said.

although the site is still in the testing stage, but only during the spring festival attracted tens of thousands of sad to join. The interface is too sad, anger and other 8 different facial expressions, users can click on the mood to enter, you can see how many people like their own mood.

website is the most popular "Lao Lao" this one, "love Lao Lao", "company Lao Lao", "campus Lao Lao" this 3 people is higher.

experts put forward scientific advice

cottage version of the sad network has nearly 10, the number of members of the sad network during the Spring Festival increased significantly than the previous two months. Many members of the sun out of their Spring Festival, Spring Festival next year will be good, such as holiday mood.

in this regard, psychology experts say, before and after the Spring Festival this time, fluctuation events experience more, facing many problems, so I feel depressed, sad people than very happy people, it requires some innovative spiritual food. It’s an effective way to write bad things on the Internet, but there are some things and psychological problems that can’t be solved only by giving vent to each other and licking each other. If you rely too much on social networking, there is no benefit for personal mental health, it is best to find out the problem through professional counseling and other professional means to find the answer.



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