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Baidu punishment 17 internal corruption part of the staff has been sentenced

on the evening of September 18th, Baidu internal informed of 17 cases of serious violation of law, the majority of these cases are related to internal corruption and corruption, it is reported that some of the employees involved have been sentenced.

recently involved in merger and new Baidu Nuomi become the storm corruption cases investigated the hardest hit, 17 cases there are 10 cases involving Baidu Nuomi, involving all staff from the local branch, they suspected in scalping cheated subsidies and false reimbursement, virtual sales performance for all employees have been involved. Fire, serious person has been transferred to judicial organs and criminal responsibility.


Baidu Nuomi became the hardest hit corruption cases

in addition to Baidu Nuomi, there are customers in Beijing development department, Ministry of Commerce, channel cooperation, search product market, Post Bar, cool games, mobile distribution and several other departments staff not normal operation was the lightest punishment, belong to the most serious expulsion process has been transferred to judicial organs.

According to Baidu

bulletin, customer development, business cooperation channels, the Department of illegal employees suspected of improper access to the economic returns from a business partner; product marketing staff search illegal is malicious tampering website ranking right; Post Bar illegal workers is because from the novel website to receive a bribe for much of their diversion; cool game staff is the game currency price for the sale of game player illicit profits; mobile Distribution Department staff was dismissed due to theft of Baidu resources benefit their external software.

earlier in 2014 August, Baidu announced the dismissal of the game division general manager Liao Jun, and transferred to judicial organs, he suspected in the game business operation to obtain improper benefits; this is the first time Baidu publicly announced the punishment of internal discipline personnel.

and Baidu announced the punishment for the highest level of employees in April this year announced a "violation of occupation morals, damage the interests of the company as vice president of Baidu, in addition to open 15 years founding employees," Baidu promotion known as "the father of Wang zhan.


Baidu search involving medical accident caused by bidding storm, Baidu has in earnings in the "profits of $2 billion in exchange for the public trust for Baidu, the announced punishment internal discipline personnel, in order to establish a good public image.

Baidu Inc is a serious violation of the following cases:

Baidu Inc professional ethics committee – serious disciplinary case notification


is now in 2016 the Ministry of ethics has been investigated and dealt with a number of disciplinary cases summarized as follows, please notify the company management of the case forwarded to all employees of Baidu mail.

professional ethics committee will be based on the requirements of the company’s management, continue to increase the intensity of the investigation and handling of corruption, processing and exposure of corruption cases, where the violation of national law >


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