Search engine working principle

Full text search engine    

      in the search engine classification part, we mentioned the concept of full text search engine to extract information from the web site to establish the concept of web database. Search engine automatic information collection function is divided into two kinds. A regular search, namely every time (for example, Google is 28 days), the search engine should send a "spider" program, website of IP address within the scope of the search, once found a new website, it will automatically extract the website information and add your own database.    

when the user keywords to find information, the search engine will search in the database, if found content is consistent with the requirements of the user site, then use – usually according to the matching degree page keywords algorithm special, the position / frequency, link quality, calculate the webpage relevance and ranking according to the correlation degree level, then, according to the order of the web links back to the user.  


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