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We teach you how to write soft text network recruitment


talked about soft, we should not be unfamiliar. Mainly used for brand promotion, through soft advertising, improve brand awareness, increase traffic. The author of a recruitment site staff, due to the daily marketing, so do the promotion of soft. Therefore, combined with their own long time soft writing experience, especially to share with you how to write a good network recruitment soft Wen:

1, tempting title. The title is like a company’s logo, its good and bad directly related to the popularity of the article. In the creation of soft Wen, the most important thing is to have a tempting title to attract the reader’s attention. The content rich again without a catchy title, also in vain. So, write the soft title. A soft Wen title must have shock, mystery, temptation, etc., in order to arouse the reader’s attention, to reach the reader’s resonance. As the beginning of the popular "awesome", the author will see domestic recruitment website – over personnel recruitment network, we have made an article "in 2011, the online recruitment industry continue to" awesome "" soft, clever with the "awesome" is a popular word in a novel the title has attracted many readers, and was put in the recommended position.

2, grab news points. If you want to write soft Wen, you must know how to grab news. Such as some time ago, micro-blog 360 listed on the "elopement" event, Baidu library infringement events, can be used to do the news, the recruitment website interspersed among them, such as the 360 listed on the recruitment website listed, micro-blog elopement talk about how to borrow micro-blog speculation, Baidu library infringement on how to effectively protect. In general, the news commentary of soft Wen is popular with readers. If you want to get attention, you must capture in a timely manner, timely review, timely publication. It is of concern because of the "new", if such a news of the past many days later to write it into the "old news".

3, pay attention to the wording of the article. In my opinion, in the soft Wen, in order to make its attention and cause the reader’s trust, can quote the words of experts in order to analyze their own point of view, such as an expert said, some experts think, etc.. As a result, the natural increase of the soft Wen’s own weight, compared to the average person, the reader is more trust experts. Or over personnel recruitment network do soft Wen promotion is good for the patients, they usually use "over personnel recruitment network CEO" so high to explain some phenomenon or a problem, increase the authority. In addition, you can also feel the situation to write their own soft Wen, so that the reader into which the advertising effect will be achieved.

4, the structure of the article. Personally think that a soft article structure should be rigorous, the line is coherent. Generally more effective than outstanding titles speak generally. Whether it is a job guidance class or industry analysis class, the title can be used, let a person look at a glance, focus, so I personally think it is better to add a small title.