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Wong Lo Kat earthquake marketing network promotion

Wong Lo Kat earthquake marketing network promotion

source: Network Marketing Institute www.imakecollege.com Yang Tao

Wang Laoji in the Wenchuan earthquake, donations to 100 million yuan, becoming the highest single donation enterprises, attracted a lot of attention, the network also launched a series of promotion, a teacher of network marketing, it briefly analyzes the network promotion and its main way.

a forum to promote

forum community has a high popularity, is an important platform for brand marketing, the development of the topic of the forum, you can let the enterprise brand in the forum quickly spread.

forum topic in communication is particularly important, the earthquake Wong Lo Kat network promotion, publicity and promotion of the use of the most popular events, continue to create eye-catching topic "completely ban Wang Laoji", attract more attention and discussion.

use the Forum Search Search to 270 thousand Qihoo Wanglaoji related posts, we discuss the topic, the effect of continuous amplification.

two, stick promotion

stick promotion is also a promotion of the forum, but because of the unique attributes, let it become different from the forum to promote a way. Baidu Post Bar in – female, to become the largest Chinese community, it is more convenient than the exchange forum, can be anonymous posting reply, let users more simple and quick communication.


has become the main position of Wong Lo Kat publicity, in the Baidu search Post Bar Wong Lo Kat, you can search to 150 thousand related posts, a large number of replies from continuous posting, too, show the language, let a person feel crazy, perhaps only the network can show this kind of feeling.

three, QQ group promotion

a QQ group of 100 people, senior group of 200 people, there are about twenty million QQ group, QQ group is the most widely used instant communication platform, sending and forwarding in the QQ group, viral marketing has been the biggest reflected here.

through "(100 million donations), Wanglaoji drink money to the business (87 million 260 thousand)……" Easy to spread the text, so that Wang Laoji spread among multiple QQ group crazy.

four, blog promotion

blog is one of the most commonly used personal network tools, through the topic of personal blog, so that the product in the mouth and mouth spread between individuals, and rapidly improve the product’s brand and influence.

hot topic is often the focus of attention of the blog, to donate one hundred million to donate, drink to drink Wang Laoji, caused a lot of discussion among the blog.

five, news marketing

news marketing is the use of news reports, to create the best communication effectiveness. Compared to traditional media, the performance of the network media is more significant. >