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NXX is the largest buyers trend platform to complete the ten million A round of financing

news July 18th, one of the largest buyers trend of domestic INXX platform recently completed ten million A round of financing, the lead investor and with investment capital respectively "public capital", "Huijin", "Germany capital". The financing is mainly used for the introduction of the global quality brand and the strengthening of the independent supply chain, internal brand operation team expansion and brand marketing promotion.

it is understood that the INXX is an international trend to development of high street culture emerging fashion enterprises, belonging to the British in Hongkong, 2013 Chinese entered the mainland market, which bring more hope to the world China consumer choice in clothing, and bring the most fashionable way of life. At present, INXX is based on the retail, establish a full channel marketing network entity stores + traditional Internet plus mobile Internet three-in-one + social operation, provide information, shopping, social development, and other integrated services for consumers, has become the most style of the international tide of buying platform.

in the business model, with independent R & D capability powerful INXX hand, THE NEXT, Stand INXX, its by INXX brand, on the other hand, the distribution of imports, authorized agents, brand settled mode and popular trend, the international top brands, more than and 80 fashion brands such as NBHD, Raf than Simons Rick, Owens, mastermind Japan, Yeezy, KTZ, HBA etc. from Europe and Japan and South Korea, to create the largest design, production, sales, buyers trend generation platform.

at the same time, INXX also has a very rich experience in the operation and management team, not only close to the trend, and the currently popular "red net, IP" consumer driven model combining actively through the stars, Master fashion guide to drive consumer groups; through gaming and other cross-border cooperation, reasonable operation of traditional media and new media the brand and product depth, young fashion consumer groups, brand image and expand brand awareness and influence. In order to achieve in the apparel industry downturn background contrarian growth.

is a set of tide brand platform, INXX hope to achieve with all partners on the platform is a win-win situation. For example, in the aspects of brand, INXX actively show their own platform advantages, INXX itself has independent brand design, has a strong professional and rich experience in the design and research of tide brand; secondly, INXX has a number of successful operation of the brand hailun examples and ten years precipitation supply chain development and the management team, to provide financial support from the brand packaging, marketing and other aspects of support for brand cooperation. In addition, INXX also provides comprehensive support and services assigned to designers, help the designer to enhance product development integrity and development and production of the factory and assist production management, which is short for designers or brands.

this is the development of win-win mentality so that INXX has been the industry and