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Plum SEM application of implantable marketing in medical network marketing

what is an implantable marketing? Give you an example, like the movie "Tangshan earthquake" occur frequently in Jiannanchun liquor. This year’s Spring Festival in Xidan the girl behind the stars of the change map. These can be regarded as implantable marketing. Baidu Encyclopedia of implantable marketing includes eight modules: experience, methods, technology, talent, channels, resources, ideas, processes. So what is the role of implantable marketing in hospital marketing website I personally understand my opinion.

so-called implantable marketing in the application of the hospital website, nothing more than to allow patients to more trust your site, and then remember your hospital name, feature therapy, domain name, telephone, etc.. Let patients have loyalty to your hospital. In order to improve the probability of two visits. So, when the hospital website content, should pay attention to insert the following 8 point of view.

1 – the patient in order to what a doctor? Sure is to cure disease, so the content of your website to tell patients you can cure disease of medical strength, can make the rehabilitation of patients, to reassure patients permanently, the effect is not obvious worry


2 – this station is particularly important in minimally invasive surgery, our customers are seeking beauty, not disfigured, so to highlight the treatment have no trace, no obvious signs, the effect is natural, let everyone think you are beautiful, but can not see how you become beautiful, safe and noninvasive.

3 painless – no pain, no pain, no trace, no trace. This is mainly used for plastic surgery, andrology, gynecology. We can get rid of all the problems that cause patients to worry about. Used to dispel concerns about the treatment of patients suffering from pain.

4 therapy – all over the country more than the treatment of diseases of the hospital, why look for you, because you are a good feature of the treatment, the treatment of your characteristics, secret medicine, other similar hospitals strong. In order to strengthen the confidence of patients recovery.

5 Security – it doesn’t matter if you don’t treat me well, but you can’t give me a blind treatment. If you are worried about this, let him go and tell them how many patients we have successfully cured. The number of patients discharged for rehabilitation. How much is the percentage of successful cure, green therapy, non-toxic side effects, etc.. There is no relationship between our technology is guaranteed, must be able to cure. Such patients worry about side effects, worried that the idea of insecurity will be reduced.

6 convenient – do not need to stay in hospital, follow up, no need to hospital, remote consultation. Does not affect work and life. Short course of treatment, fast recovery.

7 brand – in the construction of the contents of the hospital with the name, repeatedly told the patient, my hospital qualifications, nature. Establish their own brand, so that patients remember the name of their hospital.

8 price – the price is determined by the value, price concessions. National health insurance, XXX promotions, the number of appointments every day how much free of charge. Tell all the patients who are able to offer


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