The event marketing should follow the rules

event marketing is a prickly rose in bloom, successful event marketing is to enable enterprises to quickly get a multiplier effect, however, the failure of the event marketing may have little effect, even counterproductive, bring the negative effect of brand. The event marketing operation has its inherent regularity, how to make good use of this sword event marketing, event marketing, risk aversion, subtly infected people, achieve marketing purposes we need to follow the rules.

rule 1: find the relationship between brand and event

event marketing must find the relationship between the brand and hot events, can not be separated from the core values of the brand, which is the key to the success of event marketing. The brand should appeal to the point, the event core point, the public concern at the same, the formation of 3.1, consistent. The higher the relationship between the brand connotation and the event, the more it can make the enthusiasm of the event marketing to consumers. Without considering the correlation, and event brand connotation shenglayingzhuai, what events all want to use, what topics are want to hype, it will eventually lead to fuzzy brand image.

in the summer of 2000, half a century of confrontation between North and South Korea finally shake hands, the summit has become the focus of global concern. Bondi a sensitive to seize this opportunity, "the summit" launched advertising. In the Korean leader Kim Jong-il and Kim Dae-jung historic passion toasts, Bondi comments in the classical picture next to: Bondi believes that there is no healing the wounds of the world! The people look forward to the peace, through the "wound healing" cleverly transferred to the Bondi brand, has aroused strong sympathy for consumers, the Bondi brand image excellent promotion.

at the beginning of 2001, "a farmer spring, donated a penny" bid, ably commercial and public. "The small force is also a support", with Liu Xuan, Kong Linghui kind of smiling face, in the days of the bid Nongfushangquan penetration in the minds of consumers.

2001, Chinese’s successful Olympic bid, the first time in the waiting Baisha advertising across the court: "at this moment, our hearts fly", a wonderful display of Baisha "fly" brand connotation, to give consumers a deep impression.

2003: Mengniu astronaut special milk "China key event marketing is the association of Mengniu brand connotation and identify the" Shenzhou "event. The perfect quality of the astronauts will naturally associate the health and nutrition of the milk, and Mengniu is the Chinese astronaut special milk. Mengniu event marketing has also been named as one of China’s top 10 advertising industry news. If you want to use shampoo for this event marketing, the effect can be so good?

rule two: do other people have not done

First is an important factor in event marketing, because it is the first, so there is news value, in order to attract the eye to produce a sensational effect. This requires us to carry out the event marketing inspiration, others do not do.


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