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Liu Yu include drug website promotion of some methods and characteristics

as the saying goes, "people eat whole grains, there is no matter" drug for our life has a very important effect on. Any development of the times, the network marketing era, drug marketing has become a hotspot, especially in recent years people love shopping on the Internet, the website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain drug appeared on the Internet, some methods and characteristics of Liu Yu today with you about the drug website promotion.

first, the structure of the website

drug web site is the best marketing, and visual effects must not be too messy, to give people a sense of health and safety. In addition to the main product of the picture, the other color is the best feeling comfortable atmosphere. In order to shorten the distance between consumers the first time, do not fancy, messy. Convenient visitors click, interactive. Not only to display products, but also to have a wealth of health information and knowledge, while the best professional online solutions, so that more consumers rely on. Web site should have their own forum, so interactive is better, the biggest feature is the interaction network. Merchants and buyers, buyers and buyers, merchants and businesses can be published here, display products, make comments. Contact simple and practical. If you are interested in the cooperation of enterprises will be directly linked to the enterprise, so the contact details, the best eye-catching and good. To enable customers to understand the product information at the first time.

two, article selection

marketing has now become the most important network marketing of a position, usually in the pharmaceutical articles on the site just how the product works to a whoop and a holler, fair price. There are a lot of Medicine website article exaggerated empty floating, don’t talk that his medicine eats again without recurrence, a course of illness disappeared immediately, not pompous. This will make it easy for consumers to click into a sense of boredom. Businesses should change the view from a patient, understand their psychological, what they need, they want to know more about what they need, starting from the point, so as to impress them, they are willing to make more in-depth understanding of the products, so as to become a consumer customers. Based on the basic characteristics and introduction of pharmacological drugs, it should be from the point of view of patients, their psychological, they want to say words, then explain and solve, so more effective promotional products. Patients usually need more care, but also need you to understand his discomfort, rather than blindly listen to what you sell.

three, product display

many years ago, the great advertising guru tells us: "do not sell the steak, to sell the sizzle." The meaning of this sentence is easy to understand, but it is a little difficult to apply in practice. Built a lot of drug website open home is a product of the picture, it is not difficult to make people feel boring. In fact, there are two main products can play pictures, other pages can be placed in the home can be tried with some related product performance and mechanism of fun pictures more interesting, more attractive to the eye, there is a very famous product site constipation


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