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P2P financial platform network marketing ideas and methods

author / Liu Hongliang

stock market volatility and the devaluation of the renminbi to the keen financial people brought unimaginable crisis, and has always been to low threshold, high-yield, risk control advantages vaunted P2P finance, with the "financial" event exposure, so that the entire industry suffered an eventful year. It is understood that by the end of 2015, the national total of more than 2000 P2P financial platform, then experienced wilderness growth after savage P2P money in the face of the industry reshuffle how to break through? Accurate and efficient network marketing is very important.

1, location: digging characteristics, identify sub

Lu Jin is a member of China Ping An Group, pat credit is the country’s first P2P pure credit unsecured network lending platform, everyone is China’s credit rating AAA credit management platform, the main lending treasure loan acquaintances…… When we comb the current emergence of many popular P2P brand on the Internet, it is not difficult to find their own brand characteristics. The location of the father AI · Rees in the positioning of a book, said: you want to be in the minds of customers to the product positioning, to ensure that the product is expected to occupy a truly valuable position in the minds of customers. Interested in the financial management of the customer is not the most valued P2P platform two points: one is high-yield, one is low risk. Therefore, must be combined with the potential customer requirements before carrying out the network marketing, digging its own characteristics highlights, do market segmentation and brand positioning, so as to highlight the competitive advantage.

2, publicity: integration of resources to shape the brand

when do their own brand positioning, customer positioning, product positioning, the need for the whole network and brand publicity campaign. Commonly used means of promotion, including news, forums, Q & A, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ, Wikipedia, libraries, etc.. The news spread mainly from the 6 aspects of hot industry, its characteristics, and peer comparison, activity reports, interviews, brand honor and other publicity, and to establish a media column on the website home page, let the media for their endorsement, at present for the Sohu, Phoenix, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Guangming, xinhuanet.com china.com, international online, Chinese daily, and Chinese, network, global network, finance, finance, securities, gold online network star, CCIDNET as main media promotion; the local forum forum, industry forum, a comprehensive portal combining strategy, continue to strengthen the interaction between users and brand the increase of search engines included the amount of related web pages; quiz, to more direct customers to dispel concerns, the popularity of company knowledge, increase brand reputation, the main question and answer The platform has 360 Baidu know, know almost quiz, quiz, quiz, net loan eye in net loan home quiz.

3, activities: online and offline, innovative

activities on the P2P platform is very important, but now generally not enough innovation. More common forms of activity is to choose a relatively large flow of people to the center of the activity or shopping center scan code attention, registered members to send gifts, or to send the experience and how much gold reward. But >


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