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APP line promotion the implementation of the strategy is not technology

APP extension is divided into online promotion and offline promotion two, online promotion is mainly live burn, such as brush list, Android market recommended location of all need money to burn, and sometimes the most sad thing is don’t burn out burn effect, while the line promotion is to save money, line the promotion is not a technical subject, it is only a copy and one of the strategies to implement.

first, APP line to promote the first analysis of

APP line under the promotion of the most direct benefit is to be able to face potential users to communicate, first of all to analyze your potential users is what kind of, is the elderly or young people, is for men or women. In the category of users, it is necessary to analyze the potential users of love in what place, in what place, finally is the arrangement of manpower, determine the location, planning activities, began to implement.

two, APP line to promote the main way

APP offline promotion is mainly two-dimensional code Esau way, send a small prize, bribe, send anything, as long as the users’ attention, cause the user’s interest, and let the user to scan two-dimensional code to participate, then the purpose is achieved.

three, APP line under the heap wide method

1, the use of good holidays, such as another Mid Autumn Festival is coming, we are not able to get a sweep of the two-dimensional code to send moon cake activities?

2, gift calendar and calendar, don’t require more upscale, but must be fine, remember above printed on the two-dimensional code Oh

3, the organization of existing users to increase the viscosity of outdoor activities, and finally give the user a small gift, printed on the two-dimensional code

4, held a circle of friends to win prizes, such as forwarding a circle of friends to send 5 yuan red envelopes and other

5, bus stop, you can choose the large flow of people Gongjiaozhanpai brand publicity

6, traveled all the shopping mall toilet, paste the two-dimensional code icon in the bathroom door, the toilet is on the direction can be

7, taxi promotion, LED display after the taxi is a very good publicity channels for the promotion of the brand is very valuable

8, cell security room walls, basically spend 100 to 200 yuan to convince security brother let you work in his area of a two-dimensional code affixed to the

9, campus promotion, in the university to hold some large-scale activities, often they have the staff to invite sponsors, this time we can take the initiative to express their willingness to sponsor.


can organize beautiful models in large shopping malls show, in the company of two-dimensional code printed on their arms and legs.

of course, under the APP line to promote a variety of ways, we can give full play to the imagination, the most important thing is to clear their APP promotion point and the crowd, and then determine the most accurate APP line >


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