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in the traditional marketing, a lot of planners attach great importance to creativity, so many people mention the network marketing, but also over emphasis on creative ideas. A while ago, a friend asked me to give him the network marketing ideas, and to the lotus, Lan Dong’s case as an example, want to let the whole Chinese know their products, as do, network marketing success. I told him that his e-commerce site is not suitable for the hype, a media platform website, rely on speculation can rapidly improve the visibility, the visibility regardless of what type of OK, because the visibility can make money. But an e-commerce site in this way is not home, because the electronic commerce website pursuing or final sales, so rely on the network hype is not enough, if the sales unfavorable fried notoriety.

network hype is not on what creative ideas, so it is a controversial topic, borrow this trend, slightly understand the point of news making friends can come up with a lot of ideas, and then only in the 20 portal websites and forums with the points of maximum firing line on the OK, the is a very easy thing. Network hype, not rely on the so-called advocacy out of creativity, but execution!

network hype, is only a part of the network promotion;

network promotion, is only a part of the network marketing work;

and for the whole network marketing work, execution is more important than creativity;

below I give a few examples:

in 2005, I worked with the IT world, IT world at that time CEO is Qin Gang, he is the most powerful team I’ve worked with all the major web site team. We gave them the most important thing is the very simple two;

first recruit: search engine optimization SEO

their execution has exceeded my expectations, and by analogy. Not only all of the IT industry keywords do, and even the non IT industry a lot of super popular keywords also SEO, and has a good ranking. Just six months later, they rely on SEO to get the flow of more than 500 thousand IP

per day

second recruit: Content Alliance

IT in the world before, countless websites have taken over this way, including the Pacific computer network, but for many years and dozens of websites of website alliance cooperation content, and there is no good effect.

IT for the world, because of the same field competition is too fierce, so I planned a website to create "the best IT content provider" positioning to do content alliance to them, and put the SEO into the content in the league. Their team, with only half a year, and 2000 sites to establish such a content alliance. And through the contents of the union to bring the flow of more than 1 million IP.

later a lot of Web


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