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Soft benefit maximization how to let others open your article

As the

in time, perhaps it should be curry favour by claptrap……

what is the most important thing to write the article, if you can see from the writing techniques, it may be said that a few days can not finish, those are really important, but it is not the first to do a good job.

the first thing to do is to write an attractive title, let more people see open your content, title is the first opportunity.

, for example, to do a EDM promotion, the audience would have been very annoying to receive such marketing e-mail, but if the title can let the other party at the moment, to attract him to open to see, there will be more opportunities.

we say that content is king is not wrong, but a no desire to open title, how many people will be open to see? How good is of no use, unless, itself has a great fan base, and they often concern.

so, today, to share a few Title Types, learn how to write an attractive title, so that more people open.

tip: some are evil, I don’t like it, but it’s easy to use.

, a conventional title (simple wording, summary of an article, usually written)

such as:

1, my summary of the first half of 2014

2, Guangle speed at the end of September opening of alternative high-speed Beijing Zhuhai traffic

3, Dongguan regulations: Taxi does not hit the table will stop for a month

comment: this title was mediocre, is the pursuit of objective justice, can let the reader guess the meaning, not to curry favour by claptrap, a statement of fact, suitable for ordinary people to use, write text, cited concern on the Internet is not applicable.

, two digital title (with summary of digital bluffing, can arouse the strong desire to click on


such as:

The details of 10

1 can quickly capture women.

2, the life of the law of the 36, see the twelfth did not hesitate to turn……

3, the Chinese teacher for everyone to prepare the 10 excellent composition, I regret so late to see

comment: this type of the title, I believe we have seen, QQ, micro-blog, the space inside the circle of friends was born on disaster caused by flooding water, the number of sensitive, especially the summary of the number, when we used to improve it, all of these is my temporary thought, do not copy.

three, question type title (put forward a does not conform to common sense or a lot of people will encounter problems, curious to open)

such as:

1, too crazy: a class of 50 people, 30 people on the Tsinghua University, why?

2, ex boyfriend sichanlanda how to do with


3, love >


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