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Local website promotion of outdoor advertising

see this title many people must think is to let you buy outdoor advertising, you can think so, if you have enough money, then look down the grass, there are times to see the downtown area of a billboard in investment, as a webmaster, it is very sensitive to the type of advertising when. So call, do not know, ask a fright, for one hundred thousand and one years, this is not our grassroots webmaster can support, in fact, we know more about outdoor advertising, is almost the price, a bus, a month in the prefecture level city advertising cost is about ten thousand a year to about one hundred thousand of course, this can also be seen by the advertising market cake is great, if you fix a such advertisement, a year is OK.

first of all, we first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising:

advantages: advertising effect is good, intuitive, for the establishment of brand and visibility is very useful;

shortcomings: high cost, not generally acceptable, a fixed place;

can be seen in the outdoor advertising and brand visibility is very useful to our website, as long as it is useful for the website we’re going to do, it is not going to buy outdoor advertising which, of course not, because we are sure to use grassroots, grassroots promotion way, then you see below.

you in the street to see a lot of top of Coca-Cola, Unicom, mobile advertising, in fact, is the company to pay to do, as long as they get the door right to use it, some will give some subsidies, many times this is not our grassroots webmaster can do, of course, if you social relations or deceptive means high enough, can go along the street and business talk, they start to add advertising on your website publicity, and in return you put on your site in business advertising.

in addition, you can also break their periphery, if you have relatives and friends in the business or advertising company, can convince your friends and relatives to add to your door advertising, you can also do Links or separate "propaganda for relatives and friends on your website.

There is also a

, you walk in the street, some have seen many shops along the street transfer or rental information, they just put a piece of paper in the doorway, above the transfer or lease and contact telephone number, this effect is not good, and even some of the past few months still nobody cares. We need to use this space to play to our strengths. At this time, you can contact the shop owner, he told you is a certain website, want to put his head to lease or transfer the information to pick the temporary change, of course, billboards, lease or transfer we give them to do the new must reserve a block position, the above stated transfer or rental, but not the telephone number directly printed (paste paste word available), because it can save the cost for us, next time don’t contact with home, like a piece of billboards can be reused many times. So, if you can find in the city


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