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Tell you with actual combat how simple, fast and low cost to play a high quality WeChat marketing



dinner with friends chatting, asked for her nephew Zambia, allegedly set like ranking the top few have access to what gift, so everyone micro signal on the table to add event sponsors, point praise and "little nephew" in a dynamic environment.

Friends of the

marketing sector to see this already about to understand: very simple, practical WeChat powder method. A "little nephew" has naturally brought dozens of WeChat friends, ten "little nephew" is hundreds of fans, dozens of "little nephew" can get thousands, but set like top to get gifts "rules but also greatly reduces the cost of powder is. Low cost can get high quality fans.

in 2015, WeChat began to chaos, so that the circle of friends issued a full set of "WeChat friends guidelines" to WeChat official, and attached to the WeChat circle of marketing is uneven in quality. But you have the marketing way really do not really really practice, such as above mentioned powder absorbing small case, for the following 96 micro network according to the long-term push to collect some actual experience, WeChat group saw effective WeChat marketing mode:

WeChat marketing existing living environment

first, and aversion to marketing restrictions is the official WeChat with a great reputation in the industry, "WeChat is not a marketing tool for the purpose of" immediately following the heel to the noisy silence, is "a way of marketing a feather:" sun circle of friends, contacts, exaggerated performance fight development……

before, WeChat assigned to the third party and open access, from "is not a marketing tool to indirectly support the third party profit", WeChat marketing will also be delivered from oppression. Is this "light" is not torn throat of chaos in the ground cries, but a simple but practical WeChat marketing skills.

in fact, the official opposition is not marketing, but the disorder of marketing, so comply with the rules to play marketing is desirable, but also supported.

The WeChat marketing tips

96 push to see micro network breakdown

1, preferential + independent communication

with real money (i.e. WeChat red) for direct fans Marketing often, is likely to set "concern micro signal to reply XX * * WeChat group, WeChat group added red;

is still common in the form of items for the fans, the way to get more than 100 or a number of support for the number of opportunities to get what, some even attached to the circle of friends and other conditions.

2, "true" self experience

here is "true" mainly refers to the reputation of the dissemination way, similar to you in a restaurant to eat the hard to find good food, take a few photos sent in my circle of friends, and then lead to spontaneous users, marketers can also use this method to play the WeChat marketing.

users scan WeChat attention when eating


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