Keywords selection technique


keyword is not limited to a single word, but also includes phrases and phrases.

so how to find the most suitable for your keywords? First of all, to carefully consider your potential customers psychology, they may use the brains idea of keywords in the query and of information about you, and one of these words recorded. Do not have to worry about the list of keywords will be too much, on the contrary, the more keywords you find, the greater the user coverage, the more likely to choose the best keywords.

we often hear the case: a company web site in the search engine ranked in the top 20, the business volume soared to 10 times the original. While another company ranked the same in the top 20, but before and after the business did not change. What caused such a big difference? The reason is simple, that is, the former company chose the right keywords, while the latter in this regard made a fatal mistake. This example shows that the correct choice of key words on the success or failure of corporate marketing is how important.

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select the relevant keywords to an enterprise, the selection of key words must of course related to the product or service itself. Don’t listen to those who rely on popular keywords irrelevant publicity to attract more traffic, as it is not only immoral, and meaningless. Imagine a person looking for "Monica Lewinsky" will be interested in your soy sauce? Certainly not. Must admit, sometimes this approach does improve the site visits, but since your purpose is to sell products, not to provide free hearsay, then rely on this to increase traffic cheating also have what use?

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– select the specific keywords in
we choose keywords when there is one point to note, is to avoid taking.


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