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The development of campus information classification station

09 years China economic situation although the overall did not boom, but the Internet industry is only the advertising market rose 40%, forecast the Internet more professional evaluation agencies: 2010 advertising market will continue to rise, and the classification of information station will be in this year to earn trayful.

I think, regardless of the above forecast inaccurate, but the majority of the webmaster friends should be able to see the profit point of the classification of information stations. Local classified information station and local industry information station, local stations in life these have quite a lot of friends here in A5 to write, because I am in planning a campus information station, today I want to tell everyone to come together to explore the development prospect of the campus xinxizhan classification, friends please exhibitions.

first of all, to say that the profit point of the campus classification information station, that is, the main way through the website to earn money from the hands of anyone. I personally think that making money is certainly the money earned by students, but it is indirectly earned, rather than directly from the hands of students earn. Making money from students to consider many issues, such as acquaintances ah, time cost, publicity, personal reputation, fruit do well maybe the money did not earn, but the personal reputation also to compensate in, it can really catch lost a chicken pour rice. So my personal opinion is to make money through the business, the specific way is to get kickbacks (similar to CPA), advertising, business sponsorship, information release, convenience phone display, etc..

so, recognize the campus xinxizhan classification of the earnings point in you, you should consider how to plan the operation of your website (I think this work should be on your website before the completion of it). All say a simple website, website operation is difficult, this did not seem to have the wrong site, the key is how to effectively operate your website, so that she can profit (you don’t tell me that you do stand always do non-profit website).

campus classification information station and other sites somewhat different, that is, she is more focused on brand building, rather than take the time to do SEO. As long as you put the website brand to do it, people will naturally go to Baidu, Google search your site name, this is not better than SEO? At the same time, the quality of the campus information station should pay more attention to the website information, timely treatment for some untrue, inaccurate information, try to avoid because of adverse effects false information brought to the site. For the content of the website, not doing too much, and do a few of the main program, focus on training, this is very important. Of course, do the site web 2 a little bit, to enhance the site’s influence is also a very practical way.

I asked some friends on campus information station ideas, most people do not have good campus classification information station. The reason is that students are not willing to spend money, businesses are reluctant to give money, although the site has done a good job, but the money in where "indeed, we have to feel! Admitted to the campus classification information station brand building up and achieve profitability.


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