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Website content construction and production thinking

changes with the user’s needs. Search engines continue to adjust. Now the user is no longer deliberately to see the contents of a web site. More consideration is whether the content of your site can bring him a quick help. Whether your article can get him (her) in time. As well as your professionalism in the industry at the same time there is also a factor in the assessment. Therefore, the professional production of website content, is bound to become a site development, SEO staff website operations thinking a core factor.

Promotion of

more external shape, in the website news sources, the promotion of information must be closed behavior. It’s like you open a shop. If your store service and professionalism as well as freshness can not meet the user. In the outside of a lot of promotion and advertising will undoubtedly bring new customers. For old customers, they need to be able to help you continue to help him. This is a practical assessment of our website operators. Have to pay attention to website content construction. All search engines are the clouds, all of the network marketing is a way. But really can bring benefits to your web site will always be customers, Internet users.

so how to build the site content, high-quality content should have the characteristics of what…… In this article to share.

high quality content performance:

1, richness

2, aging

3, normative

a, first for everyone to talk about, richness factor:

elements of the content of the site has a text, pictures, video, flash common needs. Of course, with the quality of the article recommended and reasonable relevance of advertising. There is your website domain name and the path to open the site space. These indicators are no doubt the value of our website content. Of course, including your content can not solve its needs and other factors.

so in that respect you how to contrast rivals. If you want to build the characteristics of the content. We know personal site. Website weight, the speed of the site is no doubt that compared to the well-known sites we are a lot of trauma. Can not meet. So what are we going to do?.

(1), the content of the building, many sites are homogeneous layout. Copy paste became the core of many web content. In particular, the type of news website. So these will let the user feel I choose which website can see. What we need to do at this time is to make a difference. We can build from the content. Give him a bit of processing on a certain element. A portal in Shaanxi, Hanzhoung, for example. There was a traffic accident in one place. So we can not edit the time with an element of Hanzhoung. Hanzhoung dialect. For example, warm Hanzhoung local people should pay attention to such an event.

(2), we also >


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