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Our products in which the crooked coffee sweet little

as TawiPay product manager, Pascal Briod shared the following 11 tools he will use in his daily work.

user research and usability testing +UX


every week, I will receive a 5-10 minute video: a first time to experience the random users of our site, while working to share his feelings about the process, the scene. These intuitive feedback can effectively help me understand the new user awareness of the product, and quickly find and repair bugs and some feasibility problems.



Typeform can help product managers quickly create a clear and easy to fill, suitable for a variety of devices (cell phones, PC, tablet PC) form. This is a great tool for user surveys and market research, and can also be used to create form based products and features, thanks to its powerful customization capabilities.



is a classic tool that can quickly be renderings static to dynamic prototype, looks like a real Web site, I tend to share it with colleagues, potential users, collect their experience and feedback on the basis of product improvement and then put into production.

https://s.invisionapp.com/? Quotes=true

Usability Hub

I usually use Usability Hub to help determine the design. Static upload module, can carry five different test (navigation test, click test, 5 seconds test, test and preference test) and quantitative data and hot map, so as to understand the operation of the user preferences, help to optimize the UX design.


analysis class


Hotjar can be used to track the behavior of real users, thus providing the basis for analysis, but also as a user research and testing tools to provide qualitative feedback. I often use the "record" feature allows me to repeat the process of viewing real users browse the site, "hot spots" function can be seen on the site of the user to leave traces of distribution. Think about it, a few minutes after the function of the line can be used to analyze the user interaction, or very exciting.



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