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Eleven during the local wedding photography website promotion strategy

tomorrow is October 1st, eleven is a lot of people during the national day of the wedding day, so this time is the wedding photography shop busy period, the same for the wedding photography site is also a good promotion opportunity, during the eleven local businesses are engaged in discount activities, promotion activities, local wedding photography site is generally enterprise station. So during the festival these enterprise site how to plan promotion activities I think can be from two aspects of online and offline, at the same time have to save the cost of promotion. After all, in the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises with not much investment, in addition to do some offline activities, network promotion is also essential, summed up the promotion of online and offline, but must be planning a meditation before the promotion, then what kind of marketing strategy suitable for wedding photography website


first: online promotion, how to do a good job marketing

During the

Festival many websites will do some web pages and web page topic to do is very beautiful, but is lack of promotion on the topic page, promotion work must be in before the festival, and even began a few months ahead, fully ready to work. For a wedding photography class enterprises, how to choose the right means of network marketing? The general enterprise station will have online customer service staff, every day there will be a visitor to consulting related issues, especially the consultation before the festival will generally increase, so this is very suitable for the collection of potential customer information. For example: mobile phone number, QQ number, micro-blog address, with this information you can go to the promotion point, this part of the potential customers can be divided into two categories: one part is just to consult, this year may not intend to get married, and the other part is to get married in eleven period. This sort of user statistics, accurate analysis of user psychology.

customers who intend to get married during the eleven became the focus on the promotion of the object, I can also go to collect more information about customers, and accumulated a certain amount of customer resources, promotion is much easier, at least this promotion have more effect. Than the blind in the online release of information and posts a lot, I feel the line and online promotion can be combined, no matter what kind of promotion method, the first step is to be aimed at the user group. Potential customers are the most worthy of promotion of the object, the premise is to find this part of the customer, can collect the information on the Internet, the line can also collect the information, the key is to have this awareness and methods. For example, can give a small gift for this part of customers, so that people may be more easily with everyone Zhanxiaobianyi psychological, the so-called "point to point" promotion, is actually to promote more effective, which requires you to grasp the customer’s psychological time.

second: offline promotion, planning a good holiday activities

local wedding photography site, the main customer base is for the city, it is necessary to plan a holiday activities, you can plan a live sweepstakes activities >


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