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The next five years, nternet marketing will replace the traditional marketing model

network marketing has entered China in 2000 after the thing, but the rapid development of far more than expected, the individual is expected in the next five years, the domestic enterprise marketing model will enter the era of network marketing.

‘s bold prediction is not without data support, first of all, China 80, 90 generation is becoming the main crowd, this group of personnel living in the network to start prosperous era, everyone is growing up in the information age, their future life will inevitably cannot do without the network media. Chinese enterprises mature, after 30 years of reform and opening up, business model Chinese became more and more mature, network marketing for all Chinese enterprises now and in the future, the choice is an inevitable choice, but the progress of the times. China quickly became the world’s largest number of Internet users in more than 300 million countries, all market prospects become clearly visible, all of the business model does not need any boast, this number is enough to attract the attention of the whole world, so the network era full of opportunities.

in recent years, the foreign IT giants to enter the Chinese market quickly, the search engine market in Chinese field has become very mature, we have Chinese Baidu, soso…… , foreign Google, YAHOO, Microsoft, e-commerce has the world’s largest Taobao, Tencent, ah, etc.. China’s market is mature, mature platform, users are also maturing, under these conditions, I believe in the next few years, China will become more mature network marketing.

the last two years, domestic enterprises have begun to pay attention to online marketing platform, Baidu and Google turnover increased year by year, the marketing model of information technology upgrades. From the call of e-commerce is no longer look at the horn of the enterprise, has become a new line of practical online marketing platform intertwined together. A new generation of network sales channels, combined with the line of the channel, the formation of new business promotion system. Marketing model and the upgrading of the marketing system, will inevitably bring about product upgrades, brand upgrades and service upgrades, for the enterprise to inject new vitality.

is also more and more domestic enterprises to set up a network marketing team, network marketing industry to gradually replace the traditional marketing mode, some enterprise network promotion revenue even more than the traditional sales promotion, in reality we see in the street also less. A new generation of people prefer to online entertainment, online shopping, which is the domestic logistics companies in recent years, more and more short supply reasons.

in the long run, the network marketing will replace the traditional sales model, this time will not be too long, personally think that the domestic sales model 5 -10 years will be completely changed because of network sales model Chinese quite mature, the platform is quite perfect. The progress of the information age is bound to replace the traditional business model in a short period of time, the future development, we will wait and see!