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With Japan Lotte reached B2C Baidu for the industry to accelerate the penetration of breaking

is perhaps the hope that as soon as possible before the outside world is not good, ignore the experience, the Baidu B2C field into some high-profile declaration.

the afternoon of January 27th, Baidu suddenly announced, with Japanese e-commerce site Lotte in the next 3 years to $50 million in a joint venture company, to build ultra large integrated B2C online shopping mall for China users. The joint venture will Lotte owns 51% joint venture company, Baidu holds the remaining 49% of the shares, from the equity proportion by Lotte dominated joint venture company.

IT Time was informed that the cooperation agreement has been signed, the preparatory work of the online mall smoothly, will be formally launched in the second half of this year. By then, the two sides will jointly appoint senior management team. According to informed sources: the scale will be more than any other online shopping mall B2C."

is Japan’s largest online shopping company, Lotte e-commerce platform has more than 3 regular brand manufacturers and channels in the B2C transaction, Baidu has the most powerful brand influence and traffic advantages, the complementary look can be just perfect, but effectively superimposed on the Chinese


another business model

was founded in 1997 in Japan Lotte application business model is B2B2C. Therefore, the joint venture will also be B2B2C model. Baidu declare in no uncertain terms: "our goal is to become the largest Chinese B2B2C online sales center, to become the market leader."

according to insiders, B2B2C is in the field of B2C after the breakdown of the business model, in short is to build an online shopping platform, service is only responsible for the maintenance work daily store operation, do not involve storage hardware. The difference between it and pure B2C is that the former is to organize and retail goods through the convening of businesses, while the latter is through the direct search for suppliers to complete.

B2B2C is not a new concept in china. As early as 2004, the re on-line 8848 enabled the B2B2C model; in 2008, Guangdong B2B enterprises, tens of millions of network teamed up to build Google SME e-commerce is also based on this idea. However, these companies did not put too much water to test the waves.

for this case, the aforementioned insiders to the "IT" Time introduced: "at present, the domestic B2B2C only provides a sales entrance, its sales properties closer to B2C, the sales behavior of commodity or by the website itself out."

Baidu apparently does not stop here. Ren Xuyang, vice president of marketing and business development, said that for the future development of the joint venture, Baidu will fully learn from the operating experience of the accumulation of e-commerce in the field of e-commerce in the field of the development of the future of the company.

however, many analysts have teamed up with Baidu to Lotte in cautious. They >