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Taobao by the end of rural logistics partner to catch what we got new ways


I world network operators in terms of Taobao, a second tier city and rural area is a completely different world, Amoy village must come up with new ways. Among them, the first to get the village Amoy partner and logistics system is a key step.

/ Yang Yang Liu Chang Zhao Chang

Yang Jianping is considering whether to go to the purchasing station.

two months ago, he purchased the station through the County purchasing station for the family to buy a refrigerator, then online shopping in the village is still a rare thing in the village of Taobao. The success of the online shopping to let Yang Jianping heart itch, but what are the needs of home, he first thought is purchasing station.

Yang Jianping, a family living in Yunnan County, the town of the town of Oolong dam village, the village built on the mountain, more than and 40 kilometers from the county road, vertical elevation of more than 1000 meters of the gap between the mountains of the village, the county has more than meters. When the two service personnel to a car, walked tens of kilometers of the mountain, finally put the refrigerator to the tramp over mountains and through ravines, Yang home in Jianping.

in addition to free door-to-door, Yang Jianping bought this refrigerator online price of 3498 yuan, cheaper than the store a total of $1200. Two months, Yang Jianping was satisfied, he tasted the sweetness of online shopping for the first time.

purchasing station is operated by a partner, the partner is the entire Ali service platform for rural access port. Commodity contact Shanghai Taobao platform amount of villagers after the "port", Taobao through its more agricultural supplies, tools, appliances and other goods to the hands of the villagers. Through purchasing, so that good products touch the user, and can help to do marketing, recommend, do the whole thing with after-sales service." Yu Xianghai, senior director of Alibaba group rural Taobao operations director of the Economic Observer newspaper said.

Yang Jianping went to the village of Taobao purchasing station partner is Zhu Xia. Her daily work is to receive from all the village to find her purchasing Taobao goods villagers, and the villagers have any doubts about online shopping, she is also happy to introduce and explain to them. Zhu Xia is a promoter of rural Taobao, rural Taobao so that the villagers do not take the time to go to the streets, at home will be able to enjoy the same quality of the city and shopping experience." Zhu Xia propaganda to the passing villagers.

Taobao partner rural strategic core

in the case of rural computer is not popular, partner has become the core of Taobao’s rural strategy. Guangdong County of Fogang province Qingyuan City Yue Cun village treasurer Zhu Yuehong is very enthusiastic and careless, his computer shop often surrounded by many villagers friends, he had one time to help farmers LCD TV hole boss bought 5 KKTV.

not far from Zhu Yuehong’s Fogang County Water Jing Village is the first batch of bear Guanyi, joined Taobao (hereinafter referred to as "rural village of Amoy) partner, he had often obligation to help friends purchasing in Taobao, joined the" village of Amoy "and is often to help the villagers to install TV washing machine and other electrical appliances, but also often follow up the use of these purchasing goods. In his view, the village Amoy, after all, is a new